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  1. Well, given this was from 2011 I'd say it's been long enough, I've just removed the ban.
  2. While the whole Bukkit DCMA/Microsoft acquisition drama was happening a while back I had a play around with some Minecraft alternatives, I found Minetest was relatively interesting (the base game was rather reminiscent of early Alpha Minecraft, and there's a large amount of server/client mods for it using the built-in Lua scripting). Given that it's free and open source (and less resource-demanding than Minecraft) it could be an interesting experiment, even though I wouldn't expect hordes of people flocking to play.
  3. I don't believe scrolling through a good two pages worth of gifs to get to any actual discussion qualifies as fun. If you must play such games, please keep them within the off-topic section. This isn't just me being old fashioned or anything, it is simply basic etiquette for the linear discussion format of forum software. Stuff like this may not be truly worth name-calling over, but it would have been better if it wasn't posted at all.
  4. I think it's worth trying once at least, be interested to see how effective advertising is. I don't think it's something that should be done very often though, that just gets people tired of seeing our name pop up. We'd have to have a pretty nice looking ad to give a good first impression, but I'm sure someone in the community would be able to make one. In terms of subreddits, I'd agree with /r/minecraft and /r/mcservers, those two should have high levels of people who aren't already invested in a server.
  5. I would disagree with a self-selection process for mod nominations, but the majority of my points on this have already been said in this thread so I'll leave off the hurrumphing for the moment ;) I do like the changes to the applyformod change, it was getting to be a rather outdated joke and as Faz said the original reason for its existence has pretty much ceased to be an issue (I don't recall seeing anyone asking for OP on this P rev). I'd like to suggest an alternate wording for the page though, as follows: Can I become a mod right now? No, but don't give up... Moderators on these servers are selected by existing staff, not by applications. We believe our moderation team should be formed from people who have shown themselves to be helpful, knowledgable, and mature through their actions in the community. With this in mind, the current moderators will suggest players who they believe show these traits. Play as you would normally, enjoy yourself, and you will be noticed. If, however, you believe you or someone else would make a good moderator and have as yet been overlooked, you can put a name into the form below. The current staff is not all-seeing and input from the community is valuable to us. It's not perfect - a little on the wordy side perhaps. However, the main themes I'm trying to put into it are a qualifying of the initial 'no', an explanation of our focus on player actions as a measure of character, and the addition of potentially suggesting people other than oneself. I also kept mention of knowledge as a broad term rather than purely of the rules because I feel it's not that important to know the minutiae of this, potential moderators should rather have a broader understanding of how and why people should behave in a community.
  6. You did grief, and you did make my railway into something which only didn't kill me because of a bit of luck. There was no real attempt to contact me before this occurred or after (There's many ways to do so, including /mail, IRC, Reddit, and this forum). Please do not repeat such behaviour, it goes against what this server is about. However, as I told theclefe this ban was primarily meant to deliver this message, your edits have not been rolled back as would otherwise have occurred. I will therefore unban you within the next few minutes.
  7. I've noticed that the forums seem to be defaulting to the original IPB theme rather than the custom Reddit Public theme, which I thought would have been the default because it's more 'us'. Is this intentional/just me/something else? Kind of like the custom theme, so that's my preference.
  8. Looking from the forum homepage it appears [snipped - commented on a user where a birthday appeared in the calendar]. That's well and great, though it's not something I would put as public. What's more concerning to me is that [they] has been fairly specific in [their] profile information , e.g. [snipped - details on their forum profile]. I realise that people may actually want this information known about themselves, but it seems wrong to me to make it so obvious to the general population. A lot of the population of these servers are children, and may not realise it's best practise to not provide personal information, or simply not consider potential issues. [Snipped] may be a bit of an extreme example but other people are sure to have the same sort of stuff on their profiles. Personally I think the best solution would be to both not display birthdays and to show a nice little message on the profile update page (something about how public information is public). This would allow people to still put personal information on their profiles if really desired, hopefully reduce the amount thereof, and not draw as much attention to the specific profiles which are likely to contain such info (as they've already put at least their birthday in...)
  9. Topic says it all really. If we're going to do AMAs why not do them on the subreddit (i.e. in the format and website that encouraged the concept in the first place)? I don't think that doing them on here has raised the quality of such discussion, looking at the current AMAs they're still primarily the silly questions that always pop up, just that now I have to scroll past everything to read answers to the sensible questions. Also, the Unce AMA is more suitable for circlejerk than anywhere else. Discuss.
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