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  1. Hello Ang_Alamat. Editing another players placed blocks (griefing) under any circumstance is not tolerated on the Servers. Before I banned you for your grief you have had 3 prior warnings for minor grief everything from Levers, Rail, then a players Road. I have set your ban for 72 hours from the time your appeal was created. Please reply here after reading the rules and i will unban you on the 17th
  2. Char, do you have any comments on the latest accusation that you are in fact THE Drama Llama? Also whats with the hair cut?
  3. Tacodude3, What are your comments on the rumor that you are a cat?
  4. Nolan, diamond or gold blocks?
  5. It's a "cooking ingredient" not a hot sauce.
  6. I take Heat Very Seriously.
  7. As if no one could tell "The Matrix"
  8. I really like Rev20 in Spawn City I had some very exciting builds and the Server looked amazing.
  9. Yeah why not, thought I would make one.
  10. Have you tried the new Chili lime Doritos loco taco yet?
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