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  1. Could I snag a plot and add the other Port 80 mayors to it as well? LoganRan, PopeAdam, Saberfysh, & kp910460
  2. I had some bananas and a lazer light one night. Then this happened. A couple months old, I think?
  3. Castaway on the Moon. Watching random foreign films on Netflix at midnight finally paid off.
  4. I wasn't around then, but looking at old cartos rev 8 really stands out to me. It's obviously custom, but it flows really well together and looks like a real-life landscape for the most part. It's not so jaw-dropping that you don't want to destroy it's natural beauty, but it's not boring and repetitive like vanilla either. The best word I can think of to describe the look of it is 'subtle'. And I think that's a very, very good thing.
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