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  1. lappy486

    Region sizes.

    This seems like a simple and easily workable solution to something that might be a little vague to a lot of players. Since we don't have an upper limit (and I've had this whilst working on builds with people), it's a little hard to judge the exact size a region can be without being a problem for others. Having an upper limit for initial claims would solve the problem of massive claims, and would also probably make the quality of a lot of builds better- if you're constricted to a 300x300 initial plot for building a city, for instance, you'll probably focus your efforts on making a handful of buildings look nice, rather than just building more and more average builds in a massive region.
  2. Taking a holiday for two weeks between the 23rd July and 6th August, but I'll try and get on as much as I can between now and then to help out. (P.S. Sorry I've not been about much over the last month or so- I've been working some things out irl.)
  3. I'll be away for a week from next Saturday (25th July) on holiday, just to mention in advance.
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