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  1. Place special spawners in pvp zones. I'm a person that's into extremes. :3
  2. Iron grinders: They're good the way they are. The nether: There wasn't a sense of danger or mystery, it felt too much like the over world. Though it was new and interesting take of the over world, but it doesn't give that same feeling of fear, it just has a lot more mobs. Custom flora: It's a nice touch to any world. Portals: I honestly don't really care about this, I'm always tunneling to the nearest one. Ore distributions: Ores everywhere! Could use a little less really. MapWorld: .ε. Terrain: I would like to see something like more mountain ranges up north and more plains/desert to the south. I usually prefer the vanilla stuff and build with the hand dealt with. Spawn: The flowercopter was cute, and Silver is always a silly PAdmin. I don't really care about the food, I survive on the Zombo Combo meal from Zombo Bell. It gives me all dysentery needed for the trip. Custom mobs: This was a very nice and unexpected surprise. Though I find Dr. Cuddles very OP to be honest, just the sneakiest creepers around, even found one staring at me in the shower. /help: Beats starting with the book.
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