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  1. Hello! I'm only listing feedback to the points I feel I have anything to say about, to avoid clutter (mental and visual :P). -Spawn Spawn this rev is gorgeous, it's a beautiful build, easy to navigate, and I love the way people have engaged with it and the theme through building in the plots. I will agree that on slower computers, it can cause some performance issues, which can be discouraging to experience on logging in for the first time. Some of the shops are tricky to find, but that's a minor issue. -Overworld I love the map size as it is, it gives the option of moving outwards from spawn and finding a spot with breathing room, as I often prefer, or staying close to spawn/cardinal roads and getting personal with your neighbors. I understand people like the feel of builds being close together, but I think if everyone wanted to do that, map size wouldn't stop them. I was a fan of the vanilla map with worldpainted bits for variety. -The Nether I'm a fan of the custom nether dimension as always, but new shiny nether update! I would maybe expand the nether borders a bit, and otherwise treat it similar to the overworld for the next revision (which is to say, vanilla, with some extra flavor). -The End I'm a fan of the custom end dimension, as always. Vanilla end is boring, and the way it's being used to provide a (slightly dangerous) way to bulk gather particularly terrain-destructive materials like sand and gravel is going a long way to prevent visible strip-mining for resources in the overworld. The new dragon fight is a LOT of fun. Very creative, and feels like an event rather than just bullying some poor dragon. I do agree with zedadex in that it is harder to grind, so I tended not to, whether or not that's a good thing is up to you to decide. 😛 Of course, the elytra being a reward for defeating the dragon is as good an idea as it has always been. -Golem Spawners This is the first revision I've invested in building and upgrading a golem grinder, so I can't say whether or not the costs are better or worse than before, but I felt as though the spawners/upgrades were fairly priced. -Custom Drops Custom drops are in a better spot than ever I think. I'm so happy the items a 1-1 trade for nerdcoin, and the variety of activities you can gain them from ensures everyone gets something out of their playstyle. -Custom Trades The content of the trades is great. Again, some of the traders can be hard to find at first, but a minor issue. -Rev Theme Always a fan of the fun themes. I don't see them as necessary to my experience on the server, but they add fun flavor to the server experience as a whole. I love seeing how people engage with the theme, and I'd love to see what you guys come up with in the future. The hidden attractions are the best example of this, I've had fun traveling around looking for them. -End of Rev I've seen chaos twice in a row and loved it, but other neat ideas are worth considering. Maybe creeper swarms? Rising sea level? Who knows. -Other Comments I've enjoyed this rev a ton. I'm grateful as always to all the staff here who help keep a positive atmosphere, and foster a community that people want to engage with. Sincerely, thank you.
  2. Hello! Over a year ago, I received a warning for placing dirt in another player's house, which I certainly deserved. The griefed player and I remain on good terms, and it's my hope that my time on the server since has satisfactorily demonstrated that this is not a pattern of behavior. Thank you for your time! The note https://mcbouncer.com/u/febb8e760a914bcd9538743e4929f22a/notesFor
  3. I very much enjoyed playing on nerd.nu this rev, as I did last rev! This feedback is bearing in mind though, this and the last rev are the only ones I have any significant playtime. -Spawn Spawn was great! I know there were some complaints about it being large/hard to leave last rev, having it floating aboveground with the exit presented first was an elegant way to sidestep that potential issue. As far as nether hubs and rail stations go, I'm a fan of what Treppich, Jaquipotato and Zomise have done. -Overworld I like the map size personally, but I know some people would like to see it smaller, and I don't see an issue with that. I appreciate vanilla gen this rev for the sake of new biomes and other changes to generation, but considering there isn't too much in that regard with 1.15, I think custom generation would be cool to see. -The Nether Loved the custom nether this rev and the last. The thematic mobs are a great touch. I also appreciate being able to mine bulk materials without trashing the overworld. -The End Again, loved the custom end this rev and the last, especially with the new islands. And again, bulk materials being available without trashing the overworld is great. Being able to farm for tridents is great too, I appreciate that it's still appropriately challenging. Loved the custom dragon fight, personally one of my favourite nerd-specific tweaks. Elytra as a reward is a great incentive to try it out, too. -Portals I like how the portals are implemented currently -Iron Golem Spawners Good addition to the server. Great alternative to server-intensive vanilla farms for the same cost. -Custom Spawners I love the idea of the custom spawers! While I don't necessarily think they should be easier to find, I think it may be worth providing small leads towards the beginning of the rev, like a riddle or something to go off of. It seemed to take a little while to find some of them. -Custom Drops/Trades The custom drops and trades are awesome. I think maybe a smaller variety of drops would be nice, I tended to end up with a bunch of items in a chest that I didn't have quite enough of to trade, but that's a minor gripe. The trades at spawn are a great way to provide fun extra content like custom skulls, boosted equipment, and help provide small quality of life bonuses like the animal eggs. I'd personally like to see something like the Adventure Club from last rev, but I'm a sucker for that sort of thing :) -Events Seasonally themed events are wonderful, and I appreciate the weekly events and the event tokens. I can't make many (or any) of the weekly events, but that's more an issue with my personal schedule, the time they are now is perfectly reasonable. -Rev Themes The themes are great, this one and the last provided some nice flavor. I know some people like to try and build to the theme, and that's great. -End of Rev Chaos was great last rev! I'd be happy with that again, but "zombie apocalypse" sounds very interesting. All in all, I had a great time playing on nerd this rev, and I'm looking forward to playing the next! I really appreciate that nerd has such dedicated staff, and people who are willing to help create and perpetuate a friendly atmosphere to build. Thank you guys, seriously! -Armas DSasi
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