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  1. good afternoon

    1. defiex


      Howdy there.


  2. Eating a banana makes you half cannibal

  3. cool build dude! thats really good 😄
  4. I have seen this played on other forums and I haven’t spotted it here so far. Tell me if it has already been played here and I haven’t seen it.Basically, the first person will say a name:‘Pete’Then, the next person has to say another name that starts with the same letter the last one ended with: ‘Ella’And it just carries on from there. Here’s a full example.Player one:GeorgePlayer two:EvelynPlayer three:NancyPlayer four:Yvonneetc.Let’s go!Aleksanteri
  5. Hi there! i love doing redstone and am happy to help whenever i can! 😄

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