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    Hi, Hope everyone is well. I'm an old s.nerd.nu recently returning to the game, and was wondering if anyone else from that server still plays on the PVE server and would want to team up! Also, if anyone has any details on where any of the old players from the community migrated to if they're not here, would love to hear. My apologies if this post is in the wrong place and looking forward to being back. Blagob
  2. I'm not quite sure how open these items are to discussion, but I'd like to throw in my two cents. I agree that bookshelves should be removed, due to the fact that the recipe on these servers is modified. The block in question for me is silk touched lapis. I can understand why diamond blocks or iron blocks are illegal, as well as diamond ore, but lapis ore is kind of odd to me. If it is out of sight from greifers, then its not really greifbait is it? The whole point of defending your vault or building with a bookshelf or lapis ore is as an inconvenience to the attacker. I find it odd that they are not usable as defenses because it makes the attacker take extra time to replace... Same with the whole iron door/lava situation. The point is to discourage the attacker from breaking in, due to the fact that it will probably cost him 6 iron/iron door to kill you. Why would you ban this kind of defense on the idea that its costly to attack?
  3. In my opinion, the whole respawning at a different place would be a matter of inconvenience for both the admins and the players, as you may accidentally be spawned somewhere you don't want to be. And for the admins, it may or may not be a pain in the neck to program...I know Java and understand that reprogramming the spawn sequence would be a terrible job to have. That being said, I think its generally agreed that if a player is being killed right after their PvP protection expires continually, that is spawn camping. That doesn't happen often, and if it does, its reasonable to /modreq it, as it is a violation of the rules. The bigger issue is basecamping and roadcamping. Roadcamping is difficult because it can be difficult to read nameplates if you are doing so from an archery tower, and you also can never be sure whether that player has armed themself. If a road is being camped, it should be up to the player to seek an alternate route, and not a matter of reportable camping. It is a blanket slaughter, not a targeted assassination. Basecamping, on the other hand, has to be split into two seperate terms. Camping out in a base to kill the owner is not basecamping. I have been accused of "basecamping" for doing this. Basecamping is camping a base with continous murder of the owner. If that is happening, I believe it is in the rights of the player to /modreq for camping. The argument that if you don't have weapon chests outside your base or you don't have an alternate base then you can't report that is ludicrous. It is simply wrong to say that if you don't have enough PvP assets to counter an attacker, then you deserve to be attacked. Its the same thing as saying that if you get sued in court and you don't have a lawyer, tough luck.
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