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Bypassing /Ignore


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I'm not sure if this is a known issue, but the /Ignore command doesn't block players when they use the /Me command.

Players on C abuse the /Me command quite regularly by having entire conversations in third person, which defeats the whole purpose of the /Ignore command. I'm forced to turn off chat entirely due to how obnoxious a large portion of the community seems to be, but I have to leave chat turned on while inputting WorldEdit commands, which is when I have to tolerate this problem.


Slightly off-topic.

I'm aware of a few reasons as to why there isn't a permanent /Ignore command, but I don't agree with them. Not all of us are forgetful of who we've ignored, and not all players who deserve to be permanently ignored are breaking the rules and warrant a moderator request.

Perhaps there could be some sort of compromise, though? What if we also had the option to set how long we wanted someone ignored for with preset amounts of time? Having to ignore the same people a few times a day after server resets is a real hassle.

I can assure you that I did not return to C because of the overall community, and having to put up with juvenile people is what will eventually drive me away. I love C as a server itself, with its infrastructure, ease of accessibility, and tools at my disposal, but that's only half of what makes a server - the community and what they build is the other half.

I do appreciate having any sort of /Ignore command at all, though.

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