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What’s up guys, I’m dizney07 and I just wanted to make a short post basically introducing myself and talking about survival and what not. This kind of "inaugural" post was an idea I had a while back, and while I don't expect this to be the standard for server admins, I wanted to basically test it out. I know I might be a surprising choice for sadmin to some, so I wanted to try and talk about my views and what not. I started out not really caring about pvp honestly, but the “hostile” environment was much more fun for me than P or C. It wasn’t until later I actually began to pvp.


So I joined S in Rev 17 for a total of 3 days before the revision reset. In Rev 18 I had a nice and tall smooth stone fort that I rarely ever left. Rev 19 I had a nice underwater base that got camped and griefed daily, and rev 20 I lived in the grand city of Egreth. Rev 21 I actually pvp’d a bit, while helping with the city of sanctuary. After that, I kind of got burned out from minecraft and decided to leave. During this whole time, I never took notice to the subreddit or forums (did the forums exist back then?). I stuck to focusing purely in game, and never entered any politics. I knew mods based off /list, and I had no idea sadmins even existed.


Fast forward to rev 24 and one of my good friends I play other games with, DementedM0nkey, let me know he played minecraft. We decided to start (and never finish) a Survival Lets Play on youtube. It was fun for a bit, but we failed to really get any good pvp action because.. well it was nonexsistent. Rev 25 was pretty boring. Yeah it was a test rev, but we just could not find anything fun to record so it ended there. This started our discussion on different ideas to try and make S better and more fun.


Over time, I’ve probably made around 15 full fledge survival ideas, submitted 6 to the sadmins at the time, and ended up making a few public (some with good, some with bad responses). Leading up to rev 27, I started talking with the sadmins more and more, and came up with a few different ideas for rev 28 to reinvigorate S. This is my main reason I wasn’t hugely active on Rev 27.


Rev 28 planning was where I actually put a lot of my time. I probably still have pages in my google docs with over a hundred different plug-ins listed to review and test just to see what would work. I went as far to create a timeline set up for the sadmins, listing when to have the set idea by, when to have rev 27 shut down, when to have rev 28 start, etc. I was working/talking with the sadmins daily to try and come up with ways to make S better.


At one point, I felt cut out of the planning, and eventually I felt it was just too late for me to join back in as I felt S was going to reset soon (it ended up lasting another month or so) so I decided to wait until rev 28 to rejoin and focus on S. And that’s where we are today.


As a sadmin, I want to be completely open and not have this stigma that “Oh it’s an admin, I can’t approach him”. In the past, I never really spoke to any of the sadmins aside from one maybe two on a regular basis. I actually want to hear from you guys, hear your thoughts and ideas, see what you think works and what doesn’t. If you need anything, make a post in the forums/subreddit, or send me a message on here. If you’re really looking for daily communication, ask for my skype, I’m always on there.

If you have any questions just ask.


And one last thing, if rtr lures you into his swamp with candy, do not take the candy.

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Great googly moogly an admin with a desire for improvement. This is exactly the kind of mindset Sadmins need, and I hope that this sort of drive spreads to all corners of nerd.


Congrats on the promotion, diz. Let's look to a good future.


Thanks, but it's not just me. The entire admin team has this same drive and desire, I'm excited where this is going to lead us :D


Congratulations! I look forward to what change there is, and pleased overall with the sadmin choices... what if I've already taken the candy?


Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. You messed up.

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