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How to be a survival admin, the 12 step process


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Want to help out on S but not sure how? Do you find yourself lacking admin requests on your own server? Welcome to the survival admin modreq queue.


Clan Verification

Clans will expire after 24 hours if the clan owner fails to log on during that time period. In order to stop this happening players can request their clan to be verified.

/clan verify <CLANTAG>

The CLANTAG should be replaced with whatever the user has put in the modreq, this is normally an upper case sequence of letters of 2-5 characters. There is no real reason to ever reject verifying a clan tag unless it clearly clashes with our rules about language.



Mob Spawner

Players are able to purchase creeper spawners for 20,000 points. In order to place them the player will normally mark a specific block they wish to be replaced with the spawner. To create a spawner you need to place a normal mob spawner, then while holding the required mob egg run /spawnerswitch. There should be a change in creeper animation and a few creepers should spawn. 

/i mob_spawner 1
/i creeper_egg 1
/fe deduct <playername> 20000

Once the spawner is in place you need to take the 20,000 points from the user, which is the amount defined in the spawn shop.



Land Claim requests

These requests are best handled by a survival admin. Most requests will be denied this early into a revision however. Once we reach a month or two then this response will likely be revised. Most requests can be handled and denied until that time however.

/done <id> No, land has not been inactive long enough yet

Shop Purchase

Underneath spawn is an area for a bunch of shops, these are worth 10,000 points. These requests will generally be made while standing in the shop area they want. These shop regions are no different than the usual usage of /cregion. The size has been shown in the below image. Upon completion use the following command to remove the required balance.

/fe deduct <playername> 10000



That's all the major requests I can think of, if I have missed anything just ask and I'll append it here.


Clan Regions


Clans may request a region be created for the purpose of locking chests to that region name. When a request comes through you should clarify with the player as to what they wish the region to be named, once that is decided use 

/warp admin

To gain access to the admin room pictured below




Each clan gets a box and a sign, create a new block and create a region for it, using

/cregion <clan_name> <clan_owner>

and close the request, informing the player of the region name for record keeping purposes.

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change mob spawner doc
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Isn't it easier to make a WorldEdit selection and //set mobspawner|creeper than that?


I haven't been able to get functioning spawners doing it that way for a while now, is there a trick to it I'm missing?


By all means, do it whichever way you're comfortable doing, as long as I'm not the only one watching this queue I really don't mind how you achieve the desired outcomes :)

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Guest Former Staff

Isn't it easier to make a WorldEdit selection and //set mobspawner|creeper than that?


We were trying this during CTF development as you're right, this should be the easiest way. For some reason it hasn't been working so Buzzie shared with me the egg trick.


Edit: I've made Buzzie sound like a magician with the whole egg trick comment- sorry!

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