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PVP Server Events (howto)


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This thread will be a living document of the different types of events the PVP server holds, and how to run them. The document will outline the permission levels required to hold certain events, as well as the process for running them (including some approval steps)
PVP Arena Competition     [ can be run by any member of staff ]
The PVP arena comp is common on many pvp servers, we are no different. Weekly competitions will be held, with winners/losers being added to a document at the end, with a victor come the end of the revision announced and receiving phat lewts?


Any member of staff may run a PVP arena event, the controls to the doors and gates all exist within teleport accessible areas. If prizes are to be given out to winners then simply check the rewards with the pvpadmins to make sure they are okay, after that you are free to spawn approved items to give out as required. ( via the use of /i )



Locating the arena

There is a warp gate located at spawn, this is permanently open to all players on the server




Preparing kitted fights

EasySign can be used to give players items as required, the use of the inventory argument will give the player who punches the sign an exact copy of your equipped inventory. 

Make sure the "prep room" door control lever is set to "closed" as shown further below





Starting fights

After warping (/tphere <player>) into the 3 boxes adjoining the arena floor the controls to open the piston gates are located within the judges box. Opposite the controls shown below.





These two levers will control the simple redstone below the arena floor, either opening the doors to the prep room, or opening the gates to the arena floor itself


Finishing fights

If players have been given kits to fight with then they will need to have their inventory cleared before being teleported to the surface. This can be done via /ci <player> then /tphere <player>. OR for maximum satisfaction, lava the living shit out of them.


When all the fights are complete and players are leaving the arena, make sure to clean up. The kit signs need to be removed before the arena can be left open again for regular use outside events. To do so simply use the command shown below, or destroy the signs.



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