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Allowing a region to be "invisible"


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So I had this really cool idea for a plugin or something - you can set up a region that's "invisible".


Nobody can see what's in the region - it just looks empty or maybe there's a cloud around it or something (except in modmode)

I was thinking about 3 or 4 blocks into the region, the "fog" dissipates/everything starts to "fade" into vision


I have no idea if this is even possible to do in minecraft, but it's an idea!

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That sounds really cool! you could maybe use render fog, but that might have to be a client side mod. D:

I know I would use this for things, although I see problems (or rather don't see them as they are obscured by mist) when everyone tries out this really cool feature and the server is turned foggy...

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I'd assume you'd have to modreq it


Hm, I guess that could work, but it would be difficult because if someone wants a mist on their region and there's already a lot of people with it, it's gonna be hard for mods to say, "no, we just can't."

But seriously though, this is an awesome idea and I really want to see it in the server.

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