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/pet wear / Barnyard issue on Creative


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Minor bug report:


When on Creative I use /pet wear, for other players it appears to work but for my client the pet appears to stand where it was when i ran the command, and does not appear on my player character's head in third person view. I can hear the pet if I leave the area - though i cannot see it.


I cannot use any /home or teleport commands (or compass) with a pet on my head (they act like they are working, but I don't get teleported), but that's not a big deal. Just wanted to report the command isn't working as expected - I'd post an issue to the github, but it might be an interaction with something else C is running. Not a huge issue anyway.


Steps to reproduce:

  • log on to c.nerd.nu with a 1.10.2 client (I have optifine installed though I don't know that that makes a difference)
  • run "/pet spawn chicken" or some other type of pet
  • run "/pet list" to find the ID for your pet (in my case it was #3)
  • run "/pet wear 3" or whatever ID number your pet was.
  • observe the pet remain in the location it was when you ran /pet wear. My chicken was flapping its wings continuously.
  • press f5 to enter third-person view - your pet is not visible on your player character's head.
  • have another player observe your player character - they will report your pet is on your head.
  • leave the area and listen - you will occasionally hear the pet, though it is still not visible on your head in f5
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I have been investigating the problem a bit. It appears spigot can't place a mob on a players head correctly anymore. It partially works, and partially doesn't. I'm not sure if /wear can be fixed until spigot supports mobs riding players again.


On the bright side, you can still /stack pets into pet towers!

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