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Welcome New Players! (Read Me)


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Hey new players!


Welcome to the nerd.nu servers – you’ve made a great choice and we’re glad you decided to join us! Here’s a quick run-down of what we offer:


PvE Server (address: p.nerd.nu) [Guide]

This is our “player vs. environment” server. You need only worry about the dangers in the environment, as your fellow players cannot harm you (except in specially designed PvP arenas). It’s a mostly vanilla survival experience, with a few tweaks to gameplay. Head out into the wilderness and start your own homestead, or join one of our player-run towns and cities. Your builds can be protected from grief, and staff are always around to help!




Creative Server (address: c.nerd.nu) [Guide]

Our creative server is for players who want to create with blocks, without the worry of being exploded by a creeper! Access almost every block available in vanilla creative mode, and build to your heart’s content. There are plots in our spawn city, but the majority of the server is open freebuild land. Flying is enabled, and you can get your builds grief-protected easily. With build protection also comes the option of using WorldEdit – a plugin that adds many helpful commands to your toolbox, such as block replacement, copying patterns or creating spheres.




Minigames Server (address: m.nerd.nu)

This is our newest server and is still under development. Right now, you can join with friends and play instant games of Capture the Flag or King of the Hill. Try to get to the top of the leaderboard, or simply play for fun! Each game-type automatically rotates through various maps, and all our maps are created by staff and players. Once you’ve chosen a gametype from the minigames hub, join a team by typing /aj (autojoin). Games will automatically start once there is a player on each team.






Quick tips to get you started!

  • Read the rules – it really helps!
  • Switch between servers with these commands, from anywhere on nerd.nu:
    • /lobby
    • /pve
    • /creative
    • /minigames
  • Type /list to see all the players online on your server, and which are moderators and admins.
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions in chat - our players are generally very friendly and willing to help out anyone who needs it!
  • If you need help from a staff member, just type /modreq <your question> e.g. /modreq How do I get my house protected?
  • Privately message other players or staff members with /msg <playername> <your message>. For example, /msg Sir_Didymus Hello! You can reply to someone who has messaged you with /r. For example, /r Hello back!


Handy Links!


Essential Gameplay Information

Other Useful Information

Server Maps

Communication & Social Media


We hope you enjoy playing on our servers! Please feel free to contact the admins (admins@nerd.nu) if you have any queries or wish to leave feedback. Happy building! :cool:

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