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[PMC]Creative Rev 32 Spawn Secrets and Such


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Spawn for the new rev is well on its way to being done, so it's time to open things up to put secrets in.

Please be careful with WorldEdit, //undo has been having problems not actually undoing everything. Sometimes.

The spawn area is pretty large, surrounded by a ring of mountains. Anywhere in there is fine, just don't mess up the main spawn structure. In the train station to the west of spawn there are some small shop stalls that could use filling if that's more your thing. You could also throw some naturey/park stuff around the plots in Spawn City which is just west of the train station.

If you want to be whitelisted post here and we'll get you on quickly. If you have any questions just ping us on Slack.

The server is on 1.11.2. Once whitelisted you can connect directly to creative-dev.nerd.nu.


-The Cadmin team

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