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  1. When i said "rocky road", I meant the ice cream flavor, which I was contrasting to vanilla. I should have picked a flavor that didn't have a second, negative meaning. Let's go with Moose Tracks. :) I really don't object to these mods (with the exception of horse training, as it makes horse death quite devastating and a time suck) and I understand the reasons they were implemented. Although...I would happily live in a world where hopper speed limiting is not a necessity. The only point I'm trying to make (and I should have used a few more words) is that we're at the point where new vanilla Minecraft features do not all add benefit to the PvE dynamic. I know no one wants to hear me rant about elytra, but I feel it's a great tool for survival or single-player, but not great at all for the PvE dynamic as there is less ground infrastructure created due to the ease of flying anywhere on the map with the help of a few dead creepers. The new villager rate limiting is fine if a few people are trading with the villagers, but isn't great in a high-traffic villager mart, like one you'd find on a PvE server. Locked villagers used to be a minor annoyance, but now you just have to wait it out. Mobs like phantoms really aren't very great when coupled with Minecraft's buggy combat system and the lag that we sometimes experience. Plus, once you have good armor they are just an annoyance that takes time away from playing with blocks. Heck, you can go to sleep every night and still get attacked by phantoms that someone else ran away from. That's all I'm trying to say. If there's consensus that a vanilla feature isn't beneficial to PvE, then we shouldn't just keep it because it's vanilla. With that being said, it appears there is not a consensus that phantoms should be removed.
  2. Me after a 5-mile hike to one of my favorite Appalachian Mountain outcroppings.
  3. Well yeah, they are vanilla, but this server is rocky road. Let's eliminate horse training, custom mobs, safebuckets, moblimiter, and restore hoppers to their original glory while we're at it. 😏
  4. Phantoms are just another thing that can unfairly kill you when considering the lag that we're dealing with on a daily basis. Even if I time my counterattacks correctly, server/client desync makes hitting them a crap shoot. Their drops are worthless to those of us who don't use elytra (and useless to those who do use elytra, since mending makes their drops completely unnecessary). Their XP is negligible and the mobs look ugly and half-baked. The Minecon attendees who voted for Phantoms had to choose the most palatable out of 4 shit sandwiches that were presented to them, and they arguably chose the shit sandwich with the best bread and condiments. But phantoms are still shit and I support their nerfing or elimination wholeheartedly, especially when lag makes effective counter attacking very difficult.
  5. Don't you mean DWEEB, a.k.a. Djentle's Worldwide Expeditious and Efficacious Bullet-train?
  6. Good luck with everything, Torteela. It's been a pleasure working on CARBON with you and it's also been great seeing all of the great things you've done for the community.
  7. Not going to lie...that second picture makes me very, very uncomfortable.
  8. I've been gone for a while as I have been dealing with loss of a pet while I've also been slammed with work projects, including a impromptu work trip to Chicago, where I am now. I anticipate being back this weekend.
  9. PUBG makes my GTX 1060 scream in agony. I've died on multiple occasions due to what seemed to be FPS drops and visual glitches. I love the concept, but have such a hard time with the current implementation.
  10. Glad to have you back! Let me know if you'd like for me to build a train station in your town. :)
  11. Fantastic lobby! Congratulations. :)
  12. Iron grinders: So, after a trial of having iron spawners not ‘buyable’ but pre-existing in the world, we added them back in. How would you feel about having them not existing at all for a duration? We would have a date announced at the start of the revision when they would become available.What do you feel is a true fair cost for the ability to have unlimited iron? What would you like to see changed to increase the difficulty without making them completely inaccessible to non-town players? I think we tried not having spawners exist for a duration and it went very poorly and was a significant point of contention among the playerbase. In the spirit of enabling “vanilla” gameplay, I think we should keep spawners but would completely understand if the consensus is that they should either be nerfed or made more expensive. If a “no iron spawner” stance is taken, please consider doubling or tripling the number of mineshafts. Those of us who build rails do it for the benefit of all, so it would be a bummer if we had to grind harder just to build rails that everyone will benefit from. Nether portals: How do you feel about the number of portals on the map? Would you like to see nether portals handled differently? if so, how? Pls don’t make them all so close to spawn, Cujo. J I’d love to see more nether portals. Rev 14 seemed to have just the right amount, with them being far enough out that they encouraged nether rail development. The nether: Should we continue to have a custom Nether or should we try going back to the vanilla generated nether? Would you like to see a classic nether return with the possibility of a custom nether added later into the revision? To be honest, I’m torn. I love the way the custom nether looks and I love the ability to harvest unique materials quickly (e.g. obsidian, glowstone, magma, mushroom, red netherrack, etc.). Is there any way we could continue to keep the custom nether yet limit mob spawns to only nether mobs? Dealing with zombies, creepers, and skellies is a bit of a nuisance when I really want to kill wither skellies, magma cubes, blazes, and ghasts. Custom flora: Should we continue to add custom flora to the map? Would you prefer to see a mix of custom and vanilla trees? I support the use of both custom and vanilla trees. I think the custom trees are a great way to let the community contribute to each rev and therefore I support their continued use. Perhaps we could have another tree contest before Rev 20? Terrain: Is it time to go back to a vanilla generated map or should we continue to do World Painted maps? Were there any features lacking this rev that should be brought back? Any biomes or terrain features you would like to see added? I would love to see the continued use of World Painted maps. If possible, I’d love to see more variety and more extreme hills and stone beaches than we’ve ever seen before. Could we potentially have a super amplified portion of the map in one of the corners so that folks with potato computers could avoid it? Ore distributions: How do you feel about ore distribution this rev? It was pretty good, although gold was a bit scarce. Diamond distribution felt right to me. If iron spawners are going to be disabled or nerfed, perhaps iron could be plumped a little more. MapWorld: Should MapWorld be brought back in the next rev? Were there enough plots? Should we make plots of different sizes again? I’ve had no need for MapWorld ever since I created my magnum opus last rev, so I am indifferent. Spawn: Was there anything you felt spawn and the spawn area was missing this rev? Was is it easy to find food and the exit? Spawn is great this rev. Very beautiful and easy to exit. I didn’t care much for the convoluted paths leading from the south, but overall I liked it very much. I think it would be a good idea to force players to punch a sign that says “I agree to the server rules and I promise not to x-ray” in order to escape the first spawn room, though. J I would also like to see a spawn rail station if possible. Special spawners: Should special spawners be removed from the map? Or to avoid rarer items being flooded into the economy early, should we look into adding these later into a revision? Are there any unique spawners you'd like to see added? Special spawners are fun, I’d love to see their continued use, within reason. Shulker spawners are about to become super useful. J Events: Adventurers Guild -- Are you enjoying the hunts and trials added to the Adventurers Guild? Are there ideas you would like to share for future scavenger hunts or events? Should we continue to create events for the Guild? Seasonal Events -- We've heard feedback on having too much happening at the start of a rev, so that has been considered. Which events/holidays would you like to see us celebrate and how would you recommend we tastefully do that? Collection Challenge -- If this were to return or be re-envisioned for rev 20, how would you like to see it play out? Events are not a big deal to me personally (with the exception of the admin hunts) but I think they’re a great thing for P to have. The Adventurer’s Guild is fantastic and had a high player saturation (despite yours truly not having embarked on that adventure yet) and I would love to see more events such as that. “Collect All the Things” was completely lost on me, although it appears that it was quite popular as well. While I think that event in particular looks terribly boring, I must commend whoever came up with it, as it appears to have been a hit! Not everything will click with all players, but I really enjoy the creativity and effort that go into the server events. With that said I beg you to never bring back those damn turkeys. Plugins Should we continue to use our current plug-ins? Did you like the addition of the chair plug-in? Should we continue with custom recipes? Now that totemo has had some time to tweek Easyrider and Hypercarts how do you like them? Chair plugin was cute. Custom recipes are excellent. Easyrider is good, although, as a rail builder, I simply couldn’t afford to feed gold to my horses. Hypercarts is mostly good, although it has glitched out for me on a few occasions (carts reversing, dips in the track create a yo-yo effect, etc). If totemo could provide some best practices for powered rail placement, that would be great! Rev 20: Special number! How would you like to see this revision made more special? 20 nether portals. J
  13. I think this is a great idea. Too often I just throw out mob-dropped armor. Most players do; there's really no reason to wear anything other than diamond armor due to the server running on hard mode. It would be nice to be able to "recycle" mob drops instead of dropping them or letting them sit in a chest until rev end. DNY: I'm not a vanilla purist. However, in terms of vanilla gameplay, the padmins have made a giant leap forward by removing the ability to purchase or build iron grinders. If anything, this is a minor half-step backward. I'd hate to see you leave over this.
  14. Better late than never I suppose. I've been out from June 24th until now. Didn't plan it...my best pal's wife relapsed so my wife and I let him move in for a while. It's been a hectic few weeks, but I'll most likely be back today or tomorrow.
  15. I would love to see a nerd.nu Starbound server. It's such a fantastic game to play with others.
  16. Iron grinders: Please keep the golem spawners! They prevent the map from getting littered with ugly, lag-inducing golem farms. I agree with SirLyle; we should be required to provide stonebrick or wood planks instead of cobble, as cobble is rarely used when building giant iron grinders and is pretty cheap and easy to obtain. I don't feel they're underpriced, although that's the opinion of someone who had no help buying his first golem spawners. It took me a couple hours to get everything I needed for my level 1 spawner, so the price seemed fair to me. The nether: The nether is great. I am a huge fan of a no-roofed nether and hope to see that in future revs! Perhaps we might see nether livemaps in the future? However I'm not a big fan of overworld mobs spawning in the nether, especially since killing zombies can potentially aggro the pigmen. Custom flora: The worldpainted trees look great! I vote to keep them. Is there any way to make the logs with tree bark on all six sides craftable or silk-touchable? They look awesome. Portals: I'm a huge fan of CARBON and its new lite variant and use them all the time. However, sometimes you need to get somewhere super fast and it's nice to have the option to take a nether portal. Perhaps we can increase the wait for portals to spawn or add more portals a few months down the road to encourage overworld exploration and infrastructure development before creating nether shortcuts? Ore distributions: Diamond distribution is great. Gold is pretty hard to find but perhaps that's how it should be. However, lapis has been extremely hard for me to find. This isn't a problem now that I have villagers, but when we first set about the task of building a 40k cyan glass block pyramid, finding enough lapis to dye our glass blocks with was a bit challenging. MapWorld: Not something I'm interested so I've got no opinion. Terrain: I love the extreme hills! Would have liked to see some of those last rev so I was pleased to see them this rev. The giant hills near the volcano and near Rose are awesome as well. The ocean was a bummer at first, but that's because I decided to explore SE on day 1. However, with boats being arguably broken, I would enjoy oceans more if they were surrounded by coastline. I love the inclusion of some archipelagos this rev and would love to them larger and more abundant next rev! Spawn: The flowercopter was cool; I enjoyed it immensely for the short amount of time I was in it. Despite being a beautiful build, rev 16's spawn was obnoxious to navigate; I enjoy this spawn much better. Good work! Custom mobs: I love the idea of custom mobs. The spider mob and Mr. Skeltal are great; they pose a challenge but can be defeated. However, I think Dr. Cuddles is stupid, solely because you don't know it's Dr. Cuddles until you're close enough to trigger his insta-fuse and nuclear warhead. I think that mob is super cheap and would like to see him nerfed or, as Torteela suggested, make him identifiable from further away. Sir Meowington is just anooying. It takes 2-3 minutes of clicking just to kill him. Now I just dig a hole, lure him into the hole, and then pour lava or drop sand on him. He poses no threat anymore and is merely an annoyance. Perhaps the zombie mob could have less HP in the future but spawn a bunch of baby zombies when you defeat him? Now that would be a challenge. /help: It's great.
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