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Staff Meeting Notes

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November/December 2017 Staff Meeting Agenda & Notes
December 9, 2017 5:30pm EDT

  • Creative
    • Spleef is having a fairly decent turnout. Cadmins will continue alternating
  • PvE
    • Reminder that Secret Santa sign up ending today
    • Padmins have added Easy-sign at spawn to get treat
    • Discussion regarding grief and when/how to handle (stemming from a specific incident)
    • Testing new death message on dev currently - should be coming to P soon, this time around will have 450+ messages. 
    • Admin Hunt 
      • Catsenburg won the poll 
      • Padmins have rebuilt the event hub 
      • looking to have first hunt in January would like to have admins to visit arena soon to take a look around.
    • This week we reach golem soul target. Setting up villagers, looking for suggestions for special trades, otherwise will be going with list they have. 
    • Don’t forget to check out the change log for all things!
  • [Redacted] discussions for ongoing projects    
  • Minigames
    • No updates
    • Techs will look into adding more maps, its not very simple and take some time to put together.
    • Miscellaneous discussions regarding the future of minigames. No decisions made at this time.
  • Head Admins
    • Staffing
      • Spook6 has been added to staff today. 
      • One other candidate has been approached and will consider
      • Note to look out for staff candidates during off-peak time zones. 
      • General reminder to staff to comment on notifications as they come in so they can be acted on timely.
      • Reminder to staff to watch for modreqs on creative so they don’t sit.
  • Open Floor
    • Updates requested on a tech project. Heads will try to get an update for the next meeting.
    • Zomise has updated advertising banners, some were not able to be claimed previously, zomise will need to provide an update for the next meeting.
    • All the verses will be released before buzzie’s gets busy. 
    • Please continue to add thoughts and ideas for the 2018 Fundraiser to the Forum

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