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Admin Hunt - January 6th

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Admin hunts are returning again this revision, as we mentioned in the most recent blog post! The next admin hunt will take place at 23:15 GMT, Saturday, January 6th. We have confirmed attendance representing all four of the admin teams so far.


Admin hunts are contained events in which you can access by having an empty inventory, and clicking on the sign that becomes accessible in the event hub when the event is live.

After clicking the sign inside the purple section of the event hub, you will be equipped with a weapon and warped to a modified version of Catsenberg from revision 14 where admins will be disguised as objects, blocks or even other people! Hitting them a good few times will kill them, and they will drop a shulker chest of goodies, including admin hunt tokens.

These tokens are also hidden around the hunt area in various chests, so if you're not having much luck finding an admin, you can explore the environment to look for tokens too!

Once you've had enough, or the event is over (lasts about 45 - 60 minutes), you can head back to the event hub and spend your admin hunt tokens in the red section.


Thanks to your voting, we will be returning to a segment of the revision 14 town, Catsenberg! At anytime you like, starting from right now, you can access the event hub from the nether portal at spawn via the signs next to the defiex and Didy armour stands. You'll be able to see the prizes currently available and secure yourself a chest ready for the event!

However, while the event is on, you can run the command "/spawnme" to teleport directly to the event hub from wherever you are - to save you some time!


We'll look forward to seeing you there, and remember that admins could be disguised as virtually anything!

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