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  1. The Spawn I had no problems with the spawn at all. Yeah was confusing at first but quickly went away. The Overworld The size of the map was good. Didnt mind the vanilla world. I am not sure but seemed like less diamonds this rev but could just be me. Also more double spawners would be nice like skellies and zombies and such. (Is always thinking firework material) The Nether Loved everything about the Nether this rev except for the thorns on "pigmen" thats just mean! The End A+ End this rev love everything about it. Generation: Loved the different islands bio-mes with different materials Dragon Fight: No troubles with dragon fight.. Super fun !! Shulkers and other mobs: As with nether loved the mobs and shulker this rev! Elytra I have no problem with the process at all. Mapworld I didnt get to use it this rev but will be next rev and anything to make it easier to get them done would be nice 🙂 Portals Portals spacing was good had no troubles with them. Iron Golem Spawners I was not in control of the golems so I dont know what the cost was but I didnt hear any complants Custom Spawners Custom spawners are great and should always be on the server... I just wish clues would be released earlier. Because creeper took so long work arounds were created and I made me sad that it took so long to find the spawner. Maybe have a server wide challenge to release clues for the spawners. Start them after elytras are available. Custom Drops I love the custom drops makes digging fun! Custom trades Keep them coming... Especially the Fortune IV items. Events Events this rev were awesome I loved having a every Friday event. I would like to see that continue. Rev Theme I would have so much trouble coming up with themes. I look forward to what you guys come up with each rev. End of Rev I would rather have zombie event than chaos. I usually stay away for chaos but I know others like chaos. Any other comments? I would like to thank everyone on the server. Staff and players we are such an awesome group. You guys are like family to me and ice. We'll aim to respond to your feedback by the 5th of January.
  2. The Spawn Building Were exits from spawn laid out clearly? [ Yes ] Is there anything you would like to see done differently with Spawn in Rev 24? [ Nope just make it kewl! Love the secrets! ] The Overworld Do you think that this map size (7kx7k) was good? [ I Like the size ] This rev we used vanilla map generation due to 1.13 offering new generation and biomes, and also due to custom terrain tools not being updated. Were you happy with the use of a vanilla seed? Would you like to see a return to custom terrain given the tools are updated? [ Didn't have troubles with vanilla seems like a good mix of biomes ] Were any biomes lacking or too abundant this revision? [ Because was aquatic release maybe a 15% smaller ocean next rev ] How did you find the distribution of ores this revision? [ Heheh Loved it cause was good for Fireworks ] The Nether This revision we had a custom Nether created by totemo, it featured different biomes designed to provide areas for bulk mining resources like concrete powder and terracotta. We again included custom mobs in the nether. How did you feel about the custom generated map this revision? Would you like to see a custom nether again? [ Yes ] How did you feel about the custom mobs this revision? [ Loved them ] How was the distribution of quartz and glowstone? [ Good Amount ] Were the villagers with custom trades in the Nether a positive addition? [ I didnt use much concrete other than like black and red so I didnt get to use them much ] The End This revision we had a custom generated End created by totemo. It featured different biomes (also designed to provide bulk mining of resources like the Nether) and custom structures with the idea that the End is a cold, dry place. We also had a new version of the dragon fight created by bermudalocket. This fight included 4 phases of dragon and mob fighting goodness, with Elytra dropping from completing the fight. Another change we implemented was having shulkers spawning across the end instead of having a shulker spawner. Generation: How did you feel about the custom generated End this rev? Any kind of generation you’d like to see? [ I liked that a lot of useful materials were found in both Nether and End. Made it so we didnt tear up the overworld and make it nasty looking. ] How did you feel about having ores generated in the End that were plumped but didn’t have custom drops? How was the ore distribution? [ I said it earlier was very helpful for fireworks so I liked it :) ] Were the villagers with custom trades in the End a positive addition? [ Same as above I didnt use them much. ] Dragon Fight How did you feel about bermuda’s NerdyDragon fight? Was it too easy/difficult/just right in your opinion? [ Love it. Was very fun. ] Any other suggestions you’d like to share for the fight? [ Nope ] Did you like having the leaderboard available for the dragon fights? [ Yeah added to the fun ] Shulkers and other mobs Did you enjoy having free range shulkers instead of a shulker spawner? [ I liked the hunt ] How did you feel about the other mobs that appeared in the end? [ They were an added bonus of danger that I liked ] Elytra After feedback last rev we decided to have the Elytra be obtainable as a drop from the custom dragon fight. How did you feel about the method of obtaining Elytra this revision? Was receiving it as a drop from the custom dragon fight enough effort for it? [ Perfect ] Do you have any other ideas you have for methods of obtaining Elytra? [ Maybe like a mini collection trade for Elytra for single players or people new to the server ] Mapworld Are there any additions you’d like to see in Mapworld next revision? [ I would say Print (When there is a schematica) only in map world but I know that cant happen. Some maps take too long to make ] Portals This revision we had claimable 8 portals across the map, all available from day 1 of the revision. Did you feel that the number and distribution of portals this rev was good? Do you prefer having all portals available from day 1 of the revision? [ Yes and Yes ] Do you have any ideas for how portals should be implemented next rev? [ Nope ] Iron Golem Spawners Iron Golem Spawner costs remained the same this revision, except you were able to upgrade to a new level individually instead of needing to upgrade all 4 spawners to the same level first. Do you feel that the cost of an iron golem spawner was fair? [ Yes ] How did you feel about being able to upgrade spawners individually as opposed to upgrading each spawner to the same level first? [ Makes production faster so I like it ] Perhaps something about keeping our system the same in 1.14 after iron golems spawning is nerfed in vanilla [ Yes if we can keep it the same ] Custom Spawners This revision we had a Creeper, Squid and Slime spawner, all available to be found from the first day of the revision. How do you feel about the inclusion of custom spawners in the map? Would you prefer to have, or not have them? [ Yes have them!!! We need them for firework show. ] Which custom spawners do you think are particularly useful in a multiplayer setting, if any? [ The 3 that were custom this rev and if people didnt like the end this rev then I would add shulker ] Custom Drops from Ore, Mobs, Loot chests and Sugarcane This revision we continued the use of custom drops from ores, but also expanded on the methods of obtaining them to include dropping from some mobs, in loot chests, rewards from events and new blocks (sugarcane) How did you feel about the addition of drops from mobs, loot chests and sugarcane this revision? Would you like to see drops coming from other sources in the future? [ No I am ok with how it is now. ] How do you feel about the rates of custom drops dropping, too frequent or too rare? [ Just Right ] Do you have any ideas for new ways to obtain custom drops? [ Nope ] How have the custom drop trades been so far this rev? Any kinds of trades you’d like to see in the future? [ They are always good I love the Fortune V tools, Infinity + Mending Bows are awesome ] Custom Saddles Have you enjoyed the custom horse saddles available to trade this revision? [ Yes they are a added bonus ] Would you like to see them return for next revision? [ Yes ] If so, do you prefer them as trade items, prizes, or some mixture of both? [ Mixture ] Events Events so far this revision: Valentines Day [ Loved ] St. Patrick’s Day [ So much fun every year ] Easter Egg Hunt [ Fun group activity ] All the Things [ Hard but challenging ] Collections at Spawn (gathering materials to unlock spawn trades) [ Server wide challenges are kewl maybe more of these ] Are there any events you particularly enjoyed this revision so far? [ Like the St Patricks Event ] Is there any event past or present that you’d like to see return in Revision 23? [ The ones I like we still do ] Have you any new event ideas that you’d like to share? [ Not at the moment ] Do you enjoy having special items that you may not be able to get in vanilla as a prize for completing events? (Such as higher level enchanted items, custom skulls) [ Custom heads are good for awards and also fireworks :) ] Do you have any ideas for events you’d like to see in the future? [ At this time I dont ] End of Rev In the past there has been end of rev events such as ending the world in Chaos and a Zombie Apocalypse, would you like to see the return of something like this? Do you have any other ideas for how to celebrate the end of rev?
  3. Hi already let Pez and Silver know but for a next month or so (Not sure the time frame) me and ice will not be here here... She is dealing with work stuff... Might be on from time to time but not full time for a bit. :)
  4. tict0c

    Admin Hunt - January 6th

    But look at how you hold a sword :)
  5. It's that time again !! The end of the rev is coming- Such an exciting event though sad too with so much left undone and unfinished. Its Been a great rev with many fun events from Admin hunts to the Creeper Apocalypse so in MANTA we're going to end this with a BANG and light it up. Friday February 21st at around 9pm EST . Tic and Ice's rev 12 FIREWORK SHOW. Cords for the Firework arena are X = 290 Z = 900 . Hope to see ya'all there !!
  6. Just so you know those trunks and furnaces in that screen grab are trunks and furnaces that I placed... Because we have been mating and cooking cows... Why would she need to hack into trunks and furnaces that her boyfriend placed? She has no clue what survival fly is or to move unexpectedly (what it says in the screen shot)... I am not even 100% sure what they are... Trust me she does not know what is going on or how this happened...
  7. I am just here to vouch for i_c_e_ I was on the phone with her the whole night, and I have known her for over 7 years. She is not a person who does or knows how to hack or do anything that she has been banned for... At the time of the ban we were both in the process of building a garden and also mating cows for the CTF... When it happened she was in total shock and was totally clueless to why she was banned! We love this server, and want to stay with this server, so we would not do anything to harm that by getting banned. This is just a big misunderstanding and I hope you will see that and un-ban her. Thank you for your time!
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