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Peace out girl scouts!!

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Hi everyone! Just wanted to make a farewell post letting you all know that I'm stepping down from a CAdmin to a regular player... It's been around 4.5 years since I've joined Nerd, and 2 since stepping into the Creative Admin role. I've had a lot of fun being staff in this community for the last few years. Helping to run Creative along side awesome fellow CAdmins the last 2 years was the highlight of my time here! I'm sure most of you have noticed that for the last several months, I've not been able to be the CAdmin I used to be. Other things in my life have my attention these days and I think it's just my time to step down. It was definitely a hard thing for me to realize, and even harder to come out and say that I need to step down.

I have definitely met some wonderful people who I consider to be my closest friends, including my BEST friend. This is for sure the best online community I've ever been part of. It's the only one I truly cared for, and I wish it the best. For now though, I need a break from the obligations and expectations. Although, I still definitely feel like part of Nerd and I intend to keep it that way. I'll still come online and build and visit, and maybe even one day take up moderating again.

I love you all.


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Thank you for being a Cadmin for this community! You were a great one and will be missed. :)











2 Cadmins too many!

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