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Region Borders


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So tonight I encountered an something that really bugged me a bit. I sent in a modreq to expand an existing and developed region and provided one corner as the modreq location and the other as coordinates in the modreq message. They were also denoted by 3 light blue wool blocks. I recieved a message saying that I needed to define the expansion with a border outline.

I have never been required to provide a full border outline in order to expand my claim. As such I disputed it but ended up building the border and getting my expansion before getting into a discussion with the mod who handled my request about the policy regarding borders. I can understand some issues that come with borders, such as increased risk of overlap or excessive claims of undeveloped land.


My issue:

My land claim already exists and has a rapidly expanding development, and is significantly isolated from other developments.

My proposed solution:

Users wishing to claim land to build on should provide a border to outline their original claim. Users wishing to expand land claims that are developed should be permitted to provide corners around their development and the land they wish to expand onto. If a moderator deems this to be inappropriate, they can ask the user to provide a border to define the expansion of their land claim. Otherwise, the claim should be expanded using the corner definitions.


I think the policy should be changed to this. Though, this is here for public scrutiny.


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I'd like to respond to this with some clarification about how I handled this request.
First and foremost: I was not updated with Creative's current policy on region expansion, and I apologize for the inconsistency/confusion.

  • The current policy states that if your area that you are requesting is within rendering distance (8 chunks) that it can be protected without a border and only requires corners because it can all be viewed from the inside. (which I have now been updated with)

This is why your region protections and expansions have been OK'd in the past with no problems.
Your current region is extending outside of rendering distance and by policy will still need to include a border.


So now that that's all cleared up, i'd like to give my personal input on your suggestion:

Personally, i'd love to see it be made easier for players to expand regions they are adequately filling, especially in the case of your region where you needed an expansion on all sides, and yes building up a border after border may get a bit tedious.

I'm not sure exactly how this would go about in a way that is efficient, but i'm sure there is a way. (i'm a firm believer in taking time to do things right the first time instead of quickly only to have to correct errors)

I'm looking forward to also seeing what everyone has to say about it, and possibly some suggestions on how this could become a standardized process.


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As Holli said (and I'll take the blame here for not informing her sooner), we had a policy change at the start of the rev regarding borders. Most admins are usually very lax about border policy to begin with, but here's what the policy used to be (paraphrased):

Players must build a complete quadrilateral border in order to be protected. This includes 4 connecting walls.

Here's what the policy is now (paraphrased):

Players must build a complete quadrilateral border in order to be protected if all four corners are not visible within render distance (8 chunks). In the event your corners are within render distance, you are only required to build said corners, while being sure you're not building around someone else's claim.

As far as expansions go, though, I say that if all expansion corners are within render distance from the place in which the redefine request is made, then you need not build a complete border. Though this particular thing is not within official policy, it is personally how I like to run the show on a not-very-generous day.

Hope this clears things up.

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