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Revision 22: Another Portal Clue

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This week, we're publishing a clue for the existing portal that has been sat on the revision since day one. We will be adding and releasing the final portal and clue around next weekend. It would have been sooner but with new padmins, we've had some new ideas for that clue that we want to try out.


We were asked some time ago to share our thought process on the placement of the original six portals. So we're going to ramble about that for a bit, which will narrow down the search area for the remaining portal significantly.

From the feedback for this revision, we were asked to try something different with portals; To ensure that while the map size is retained, that there are still areas of 'wilderness' that don't necessarily have equal map coverage as the past two revisions have had.

This time around, we decided to look at the geography of the map to determine the portal placements. We noticed that the map was almost entirely divided up by the primary rivers that dominate it. So, we looked to only place the first 6 portals on the same landmass that spawn is located on.

Additionally (pulled from public chat):

<piplo127128> when portals were first found what were they in? like under a tree? Or
<Silversunset> not visible from livemap

Usually this information would be true but alas, the bedrock marker is very visible on the livemap.

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Guest Former Staff

Congratulations to FlyinSloth for finding this portal!

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