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Lethal_Tree note appeal [bermudalocket]

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Ive got a note for minor grief from about 10 months ago (I believe it was something about me breaking a hole in the end floor or something). Would it be possible to get it removed since there has been nothing since then?




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Hey @teli_pinkerton

The note in question was made on August 13, 2017 with the reason "Player warned for minor grief (PvE rev 20)". Under current policy, notes become eligible after at least one year has passed since the note was made:

Notes are eligible for appeal beginning 1 year from the placement date and 6 months from your 
last appeal of that note (however if you feel a note was added in error you may appeal sooner).

The note will become eligible on August 13, 2018, a little over a month away, so make a new appeal on or after that date and I will consider the request. And don't worry about the six-month wait after your last appeal; I won't count this thread.

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