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Admin Hunt - July 21st

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This Saturday, 21st of July, at 6:20pm EST, we will all embark on an archaeology trip to hunt for treasures!

[Time converter here!]


What is an Admin Hunt?

Admins from across the servers will disguise themselves as blocks, items or entities and hide at a themed arena built for this event! It will be your task to help the archaeology team to find them and “dig” them out of their disguise (aka kill them!!!) to obtain the treasures (aka admin drops!).

The event will last about 45 minutes.

How do I participate?

You can warp directly to the event hub by using the command /spawnme, or:

1) Head to spawn, at /place A_Guild

2) Go through the portal as shown here.

Once at the event hub, empty your inventory in the green area, and punch the warp sign at the purple area! This will teleport you to the Admin Hunt arena.

What are the treasures?

Upon death, admins will drop a shulker box containing their skull, an admin hunt token and a cosmetic item with lore of the server’s past attached to it.

There will be 10 admin hunt tokens hidden in various chests around the map too! You can later trade these at the event hub for special souvenirs, fragments of amber and saddles.


The artifacts we will discover during this expedition!


For the price of 1 Admin Hunt Token you can get:

- 16x Fragments of Amber

- 1x Bat Saddle

- 1x Old Bronze Chalice [custom skull]


For the price of 2x Admin Hunt Tokens you can get:

- 32x Fragments of Amber

- 1x Vex Saddle

- 1x T-Rex Skull [custom skull]


For the price of 3x Admin Hunt Tokens you can get:

- 64x Fragments of Amber

- 1x Elder Guardian Saddle

- 1x Moai Head [custom skull]


We hope to see you there!

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