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Fundraiser 2019 Feedback

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Better late than never, it's time for the Feedback Thread for the 2019 Fundraiser!  6 Weeks ago, we hosted a Museum-themed fundraiser, with a series of rooms themed around PvP battles, PvE adventures, and assorted Minigames. Now, we'd like to hear from you!  What did you like about this year's event? What did you not like? How did this compare to previous fundraisers? How can we improve things for the next fundraiser? (You don't have to just answer these questions, you can give any feedback you want.)

Thank you in advance for all of your feedback, and thanks for a great fundraiser!



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I think it was very well done, as all the fundraisers tend to be.  Obviously a tonne of creative work went into it, not to mention the technical aspects that were probably a pain to get juuust right.


I don't have any real gripes, but I do have one other observation: the whole thing was huge, vast-feeling in fact.  The speed boosts solved the practical problem of getting around, as did the many (many) warp signs but I always had the distinct impression that, while some of us were doing something, we were doing it in one small corner and the whole rest of the server was laying empty... it felt a little off, kind-of like when P or C run-down over time.


Other than that, I thought it was fantastic!  Thank You to everyone who made it!

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