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Revision 25 Suggestion Box Responses

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March 24 (suggestions pulled on March 21)


Teleport / Fast Travel

  1. add tpa command?
  2.  let horses act as a means of "fast travel", giving players the ability to warp to major destinations for a cost of some carrots or hay bales or something... because otherwise with the chunk loading issues they're basically useless


The lag will subside. We will not be adding teleportation or fast travel to PvE.



  1. one man night skip
  2.  add 1 man sleep
  3.  night will pass if 1 player sleep maybe https://vanillatweaks.net/picker/datapacks/
  4. sleep vote plugin - if 50% of players are in bed, pass the night. maybe there's some indicator of how many more are needed to sleep in chat every time 10% more are in bed


While this suggestion has been made a few times, and it has been discussed in the past, we feel there are a large number of players that like to play throughout the night, hunting mobs and phantoms. We will not consider a 1 man sleep plug-in to bypass night, and, for now, will not be adding a voting system. 



  1. Possibly look into bringing back the old 1.14 villy trade mechanics? Making the current villagers as effective as the old ones is possible, but it would require much larger NPC numbers. Changing it back would prevent this, if possible.

The vanilla mechanics have changed, and change isn’t always a bad thing. Mechanics in 1.14 were clearly broken in an OP way. We are monitoring the situation, but for now have no plans to alter the mechanics away from vanilla. 


Tech Requests

  1. Add a TPS meter/other useful statastics to the TAB menu

Querying TPS in itself can cause lag, to allow 50+ players to run a TPS query will just add to the lag.This is why it is restricted to admins only

  1. <increased render distance for players that stick to the same areas?>

Nearest chunks are rendered first. If you are asking for a per player render distance based on your movements we are not sure that is something that could be implemented.

  1. Make the ignore list last for longer than next restart. maybe for a long time or until removed
  2.  please let /ignore persist beyond server restarts. having to re-ignore someone every thirty minutes when you are using the command so you don't have to think about them in the first place is moronic.

Yes, the 30 minute restarts are a pain right now, but they are only temporary. If you feel that someone is being so unruly in general chat that it would require you to /ignore them for multiple hours, you may want to contact staff.  

  1.  maybe make sure that it isn't bees searching for hives that is generating lag... if you haven't already accounted for that

There are a lot of things that generate lag on the server, we are taking anything and everything into account. 

  1.  a claim management plugin for land claiming.

This has been discussed many times. We have not been able to find one or come up with a system that would work for every situation that comes up.   

  1. split the server up into shard servers to distribute resource load- players automatically jump to appropriate server when crossing x/z boundary line, chat remains shared between servers, carto/livemap as well.

We can pass this idea over to the tech admins. Not sure if it would be feasible to do at this time. 


  1. disable phantoms
  2. phantoms auto despawn if the player who spawned them leaves or is more than some dist away. 
  3.  make phantoms spawn only in the end or something pls ❤️

We understand that some aspects of this game are frustrating to some players. At least with phantoms there are vanilla mechanics in place that can help mitigate their spawn rate and their danger. Sky kittens are concerned for your well being and just want you to take more naps. 

Custom Drops / Spawn Traders

  1. can we add special enchants (looting diam axe, inf mending) earlier on this rev? maybe they can become cheaper later?

We will be adding in special items available through spawn traders soon, and hope to add more this revision than last. If you have any suggestions about the kind of items you would like to see, we will consider them. 

  1. Could spawn traders sell lored name tags where the lore sets the color of the applied text? (via plugin)

As of right now, this may not be possible. Applied colors break when the item or tag is placed onto an anvil. We can ask techs if a plug-in could be written, but for now it will be low priority.

  1. make custom mobs drop honey bottles

We do not plan on updating the list of custom drops for the rev theme. We will keep in mind that players may want more honey than what the bees on the server can produce.

  1. add an ender chest to the quick mart

We have added an enderchest in the corner store, outside of the Quik Stop, and at the ATM

  1.  nerdcoin blocks

Nerdcoins are the currency for rev 25, if we feel that they are too prevalent we will introduce a larger denomination currency.


Death Messages

  1.  player-specific death messages. sapphric's example for player "Tellephone": "Tellephone disconnected" or "Tellephone discovered the call was coming from INSIDE the house" (from inerd71). player would need to approve before they get added.

This sounds like a fun idea, however, even as a team, we do not feel clever enough to write up messages for every player on the server and we would have to contact the plug-in developer to see if it is even possible. So at this time we will not be pursuing this idea.

  1.  reporting death message without custom message: "Spuroz died because of Phantom" around 4:12pm CDT 3/19/2020

This is a rare occurrence where the plug-in cannot determine 100% what actually caused the death. The death was probably caused by fall damage which was caused by the attacking mob. Therefore the message defaults to a vanilla message. It has been a known issue for a few revs now.  



  1. allow tnt to destroy block below sea level. protected regions would be unaffected, below sea level means no surface griefing ugliness, any griefing use would be treated as normal griefing and rolled back. restrict explosions/chunk re:lag
  2.  let us detonate TNT in regions we own. This would allow for better tree and concrete farms.

No- If we let one person blow up something then Everyone would want to blow up something - then we would have… you guessed it …..CHAOS ! But, for now our 2 main concerns regarding TNT use is lag and indirect PvP.   



  1. add bears

There are already bears in the game. Mobs and players. That is enough bears for now.

  1. drop in new ships/etc in end a couple times, so people can go on looting runs later too

This is an interesting idea and we will discuss the best way to possibly implement this.

  1.  pls don't make us mod req for flowing every water or lava

Unfortunately this has to remain in place as an anti-grief measure. 

  1. Put "Ores are rarer in world painted biomes" as a recurring server message please

This has been added as a server alert.

  1.  rev17 killer bunneh of something

NO! They get everywhere and stay long past their welcome! Rev 17 !! 🐵

  1.  Okay, listen. Dragons... but in the overworld.

Ok listened and ….Oh Hell Naw- bad bad bad,  go stand in the corner and think about what you just said o_o  !

  1.  Bring back mega dungeons!

Maybe some rev someday But there is a lot to find and explore on the current map! 

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