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How to join the creative server

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I am a beginner, I want to join the creative server under the link c.nerd.nu, after logging in a construction appears, and i have a box inside of which there are a diamond block and a diamond pickaxe.

If I choose the diamond block, the system tells me that I am already in the creative server. Then I cannot do anything. The construction is sealed and i cannot go out. There are paths for going down, but  i could not find anything down there. 

If I choose the diamond pickaxe, I am transferred to PvE server which has a beautiful town center, but I don not want to be there.

Could anyone tell me how can I join the creative server? Thx!

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farfallacc - creative is still on the version mr.cta just mentioned so you'll need to exit minecraft completely, and then relaunch into the older version before you'll be able to connect over there..

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