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REV 26 Announcement Date:


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What a wonderful adventure this Road trip has been. We have seen amazing things and have the postcards to prove it! Our Suitcases are bulging with souvenirs and tee-shirts so on October 30th it will be time to pack up and head toward home. The end of a trip can be sad BUT as one adventure comes to an end, another one seems to be dawning on the horizon . . .
Behold !! The " Ancient Wonders of the World! "  

Your client will need to be on 1.16.3 to join in this exploration of these incredible sights. As per usual, the Revision info post will be posted 24 hours prior to rev launch. 
Want to help spruce up the next map? 

We will once again be co-hosting a build contest with the Cadmins.
Starting Oct 11th through the 17th. Hop over to the Creative server and do /warp Weekly Build, to claim a plot! The theme will be “Ancient Dungeons” with a nod toward ancient Greece- We are looking for temples, caves, monuments, mausoleums etc. Builds chosen will be hidden on the map and possibly used in events. 

Map World will close and be saved on October 16th for us to do some tidying. It will be back for the new rev with the same maps in the same places, so don’t worry about losing your work.

The current revision will end with an event that is TBD! With Halloween right around the corner there may be a few tricks and even some treats. Who knows what may go bump in the night, and what evil may lurk in the heart of men or Padmin !  As is the custom the map will be saved for the final time to be put up for download, Then let the fun begin. Please check back for the announcement of how we spend our final Days !

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