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PvE Revision 26 Suggestion Box Responses


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Rev 26 suggestion box

Sorry for the lateness! We'll try and get the next batch done faster.

A command that ignores public chat, but that keeps clanchat and whispers. Preferably that doesn't reset every server restart.

  • We’ll pass this on to the techs and see if this can be added to the server.


add trader to spawn that sells shroomlights and blackstone

  • We’re adding these to the spawn traders!


We should be able to modreq Knockback books be applied to sticks for use in Spleef arenas to play EXTREME SPLEEF!!!

  • Keep an eye on the spawn traders, a wacky stick will be available soon!


Make a "quick relog" command that teleports you to the lobby and then back to PvE so that you can relog to fix chunk errors and whatnot quicker

  • Relogging doesn’t take long, and most of the time is loading the world, so we don’t feel this is worth the development time.


use doppelganger plugin to do a custom structure to summon a squad of brutes, one of which will drop pigstep disc

  • We’ll try and have an event where there are mobs that drop pigstep.


drachnerds for haste II potions

  • We’ll look into adding a potion seller to spawn, but the more powerful ones will likely be event token or dragon heart trades.


wonder 20 steve head should be enchanted, if that does indeed cause a glow effect

glowing splash potion (65536 minutes)

  • Sadly we can’t find a way to enchant skulls.


bugfinder prize: bane X on your own head (you thought about smashing bugs!)

  • We’re working on a reward for the people who have stumbled into our snafus and reported them - More on this soon!


don't fall for the siren song of enabling gilded blackstone to be obtained elsewhere - there are still bastions all over

  • We’ll keep this in mind!


implement a max height on the dragon fight in addition to the outer limit for bosses, zeus gets real fuckin high

  • We’ll look into this, for the moment be sure to not use a punch bow to help him stay grounded.


I think we should remove the rankings of the horse stats. At least health. It contributes to lag as people get into an arms race to get the highest horse health

  • There’s no contribution to lag from people feeding horses golden carrots.


Please add a small level of difficulty to the perfect villager system: Should have to "recharge" your villager once a month by giving a large sum of emeralds to padmins, otherwise this is far too easy to get. Emeralds increase as rev go on

  • This is great feedback. Villagers continue to be the main source of ticks in game. The latest timings report from totemo showing villagers taking up 18.5% of the total tick and dropped items (mainly at overly large pumpkin farms) coming in second place at 3.18% of the tick. As such, we don’t want to discourage people from using the perfect villagers as they do help with server lag.


nerd.nu should have its own Matrix room, Matrix being a privacy oriented chat protocol.

  • We’ll pass this to the heads, but I think as we already have the forums, reddit, discord and in game as ways to communicate there isn’t much worth in adding another.


pipe dream: a 'timezones' plugin? it'd be kinda neat to have folks be at different times of day across the server heh

  • This is an interesting idea, but is a lot of work for something that will likely not add to the gameplay experience. Most people stay in one place most of the time, so won’t see much of a change.


change the '--- was granted citizenship of Pompeii' to '--- was elected mayor of Pompeii' 😛

  • Message added!


move the shulkers spots in spawn to somewhere you can actually find and use them without having to just leave spawn instead

  • I’ve added some more spots next to the north and south exits.


so like, you know how if you fall through the end void, you TP to the top of the overworld? Make it so if you fly high enough in the overworld, it teleports you to a random spot in the end

  • We’ll see if this can be implemented, it sounds like fun!


Create a spawn trader that sells "Disguises" for your villagers that can change what biome clothes your villager looks like

  • We’ll look into how much work this will be to implement.


In the Bedrock Edition, jukeboxes disable adjacent hoppers when a music disc is playing inside them. Because the hoppers are re-enabled when the song ends, a system of hoppers can be used to automatically eject and reinsert the disc when it

  • We don’t think this is something worth creating a plugin for, as it will likely just lead to laggy autoloading mechanisms.


i want to nominate Nolanater (forgot the numbers after his name) as a moderator. I feel he is mature enough to handle the position and smart enough to use the power wisely and continue to keep nerd.nu as great as it is already.


Death messgae suggestions: Drowned: [Player] drowned. Sweet Berries: [Player] experienced a berry painful death.

  • Thanks for the suggestions, they have now been added!


Bring back the global end dragon death sound!

  • When the sound was global there were a lot of complaints about it. We think that the current chat notification is a decent compromise between destroying people’s ears and celebrating the dragon being killed.

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