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[AC] Creative Scavenger Hunt Prize


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For anyone who's not aware, I'm planning on releasing a scavenger hunt on the Creative server within the next couple of days. I was discussing with another staff member the prizes that would be awarded to the first three or so players to complete the scavenger hunt, and the idea of perks during the CTF event came up. For example, the first person to finish the scavenger hunt might be given a short team buff that the player could invoke once during the event. Another suggestion that was brought up was to give an enchanted item to each of the first three finishers at the beginning of the event. These perks would be nothing game-changing, but I think they would provide an incentive for players to want to attempt the scavenger hunt.


I'd like to get the scavenger hunt up pretty soon, so I'd appreciate any feedback I can get on whether this idea is feasible.

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So, the winners of the scavenger hunt have been announced, and I'd like to make sure that they do receive their items for the CTF event. One idea I have is to put each player's items in their ender chests when they join. This way, the players would not immediately receive these items when the event begins, but it wouldn't take too long for each team to build an ender chest. While sloppy, it's probably easiest to hard-code the items into a CommandHelper script which runs when one of the winners first joins. I'd be willing to write this if I get the go-ahead from those in charge of the event. My proposal for the items given to each of the winners (personalized for each player):
First Prize (Magnyus)

  • Stone Slab (43:9)
    • Name: Not Sandstone
    • Knockback VI
    • Fire Aspect II
  • Splash Potion of Swiftness (373:16386)
    • Name: The Spirit of Mira
    • Speed (3:00)
    • Strength (3:00)
    • Regeneration (3:00)
  • Iron Sword (267)
    • Name: .--.  ..  .-.  .-  -  .  ...
    • Sharpness V
    • Knockback II
    • Unbreaking V

Second Prize (dobreira)

  • Spawn Creeper (383:50)
    • Name: Jeffrey
    • Knockback V
    • Fire Aspect I
  • Splash Potion of Weakness (373:16456)
    • Name: The Road to Limbo
    • Weakness (3:00)
    • Slowness (3:00)
    • Blindness (0:30)
  • Iron Sword (267)
    • Name: The One-Armed Devil
    • Sharpness IV
    • Knockback II
    • Unbreaking V

Third Prize (difficult1)

  • Written Book (387)
    • Name: The Fibonacci Sequence
    • Knockback IV
    • Fire Aspect I
  • Splash Potion of Fire Resistance (373:16419)
    • Name: A Difficult Solution
    • Fire Resistance (3:00)
    • Resistance (3:00)
    • Jump Boost (3:00)
  • Iron Sword (267)
    • Name: The Penetrator
    • Sharpness IV
    • Knockback I
    • Unbreaking V

I'm planning on not releasing this list, but allowing the winners to find out themselves what the items are. Let me know if you have any concerns or suggested changes regarding the fairness of this distribution.


EDIT: The associated CommandHelper script is now available here.

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