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  1. I see that the ban was in 2016, but I'd say you've served your time. Unbanned. Please read the rules at spawn before jumping in to playing again, and of course don't grief anymore.
  2. I see no reason at all not to enable /hat for creative. I know of no issues that that can cause at this time, there are several servers that do that all the time, and I've never heard of anyone having issues. As to the command blocks, I'm still 100% against them, but I'm working on and have mostly added a redstone_changed event in CH, which can be used to detect redstone events and then run any CH script we want. This would work like EasySigns in that admins must configure it, but once configured, the full power of CH would be available, including the existing EasySign triggers. There is no real need for command blocks, if you think about the final end goal, and the goal can be reached in a much safer and straightforward way via other methods than command blocks, hence my objections to them.
  3. > MtGox Oh hell no. As far as other exchanges, as long as you *immediately* convert the bitcoins into fiat, AND can transfer the USD into a FDIC insured account within a reasonable time, I see no problem with that. Without doing those two things, you're opening yourself up to market losses, and foreign, unregulated institutional failures, which is obviously very bad. Having said that, those two conditions are the only things to worry about, if you can satisfy those conditions, I would absolutely condone that. I've never looked into the merchant/receiver side of coinbase, but they are a trusted and well known company. https://coinbase.com/clients I would look into that first, and if for whatever reason that doesn't work out, I can research other means.
  4. Now hang on just a second. You were very explicit about the date being June 20, 1 month. There's a point to study bans... that you can't appeal before the date. Abusing this system makes the whole thing pointless, and merely an inconvenience to the admins. Why were you so adamant about the ban, but now you aren't?
  5. It's srsly hard, I had to go to collage to lern how to make minecraft mdos. yah. hard.
  6. https://nerd.nu/forum/index.php?/topic/836-server-crests/ ^^^
  7. That's not the concern. If our system is breached, the attacker could already get IP addresses from other places. The purpose is to prevent accidental reading of IPs during database maintenance. Anyways, we can use a salt as well (and sha256 while we're at it).
  8. Multiple admins will be able to comment on a post, so I think that addresses your point? I have made changes to the feature list to address your other concerns.
  9. One thing that I have wanted to implement for a while is an anonymous suggestion box, as a direct line to the admins. I think this would be a good way for players that have issues with the community to feel safer about speaking out about their concerns with staff, while not fearing any sort of retribution. To this end, I think an anonymous suggestion box would go a very long way. Here is the list of features I propose, along with some basic technical details about their implementation. Feel free to discuss the feature set, suggest technical changes, or otherwise voice your opinion. The suggestion box will be anonymous. There will be some features in place to prevent abuse (via spam), but otherwise will be unrestricted.When you want to make a submission, you will enter your username. A token will be sent to you in game. This will not be associated with the actual post in any way, but will simply be a way to keep non-community members from making a submission. (A captcha will also probably be in place as well.) The token will be valid for a limited time (24 hours or so). You can optionally provide an email address, and responses will be emailed to you. While we will have to link your email address to your post, you can use a throwaway email account if you wish, and regardless, the email will be base64 encoded and put in the database (to prevent accidental viewing by techs), with the promise that we will not purposefully look up your email address in the database. If you still don't trust that promise, you can use a throwaway account. Places like mailinator.com provide these types of services for free. Regardless of whether or not you provide an email, a "read receipt token" will be provided, which is a unique token that you can use to re-access the post and read replies. For accountability, all reads of the post will be publicly logged; when someone accesses the post with the read receipt or an admin views the post, it will log this information with the post. An "edit token" will also be provided, and should be kept private. This will allow you to respond to the posts directly. To prevent abuse and sharing of this token, the IP of the computer using this edit token will be one way hashed (md5) and stored. Only a limited number of IP addresses will be allowed to use this token. The source code for all this will be publicly available, and there will be a link to show the source code directly in the browser, so that the source is always viewable real time. Only admins (server, head and techs) will have access to the posts. When there are unhandled posts, admins will be notified in game when they sign in. This would be implemented as a web feature in php, and would not be server specific. At admins discretion, posts can be made publicly available, for instance, to quell concerns about incidents not being handled. No data can be edited or deleted by a single admin. Only amendments may be made. However, if 3 different admins vote to delete a post or comment, t The number of unhandled posts will be publicly available information. Handled posts will be opened to the public after 24 hours of non-activity on the post. If the OP wishes to keep the post private permanently, they may check a box to keep it private by default, though admins will still reserve the right to publish any and all posts. Once posts are revealed, they will be publicly available to view by the community, including admin replies and records. As this system can be easily abused by people that wish to ruin nice things, I'm open to suggestions on how we can prevent abuse without sacrificing the anonymous nature of it.
  10. I'm assuming that no one has any objections in general at this point, so I guess we can go ahead and move forward with this. I figure keeping the contest open for a week should be sufficient, then we can set up a poll on the forum or something. The rules dumbo laid out are fine with me, though I would add one more point that we have the right to modify the design of the crest for design/layout purposes, but the theme of the winning crest will be used (or something like that).
  11. We *must* give out knockback (something reasonable, maybe not 10) signs, and other impossible enchants like that.
  12. Did you screw up *again* and log out in the nether? Well, no problemo! Just log on to any server that you can get onto without crashing minecraft, and run "/clear-modmode-data". This will clear your modmode data on all three servers, just as if you had your own personal tech admin! The command will kick you, then clear your MODMODE ONLY player data on all three servers. Use it whenever you accidentally logged out in the nether or end, and your modmode data has glitched. You will lose all your modmode data (obviously) but that's better than not being able to log in at all. Let me know if you have any trouble with it ^_^
  13. Sure, we can do that too. I figure we can make a large plot on creative for the contest, and make 32x32x5(or so) plots, and have sections for C, S, P, Chaos, and Event.
  14. I would use judges, so that we end up having final say. The only technical requirements would be that the crest be squarely proportioned, and is like 32x32 or something. Transparency (lack of blocks) can be supported too.
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