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  1. i MIGHT be coming back to build a new arena this next rev. since they are getting actual use now, instead of just being for show, i want to know what you guys want in a new arena, and what you DON'T want in a new arena. let me know!
  2. Ill give you $20 when we get to six flags. should be enough to buy two drinks and a funnel cake. Homelessness is not a simple topic. with mental illnesses involved, simple jobs and social programs should help them live a simi' normal life. I find society is reluctant to deal with mental illnesses simply because of stigmas involved. in some cases, addiction seems to be a major cause. in other situations *fake* panhandlers hurt those who actually need help. all in all, its not a simple area to try to deal with. NEVAstop is somewhere in the rather empty state South Dakota still.
  3. NOO!, we are behind schedule, so you would have to eat in the CAR, and you kids would SPILL, and everything would be sticky, and in a few days it will start to STINK! honestly, its a horrible idea, it would be better if we could come up with something different for game play type for survival. though, i myself am not a S player. what would we accomplish by getting rid of the server as a whole? absolutely nothing. it would mean we have failed as a server to provide a platform that users actually want to play on.
  4. NO, if you kids didn't have to stop at EVERY SINGLE REST STOP, we wouldn't be 6 days behind schedule. for the love of peat, FREAKING HOLD IT!
  5. a typical day on nerd for me....
  6. I had to sit through a entire fucking green once because of slow ass pedestrians that couldn't make it across the intersection in the time that was allocated. i was turning right, and they where then going to cross again. instead of letting them cross, i fucking gunned it. once in a while. nothing to deep, but i do like to check on relationship statuses n such.
  7. i cant seem to recall the last time. i was 8 at the oldest. size: __ yes. there are to many to pick from, you kidding? i cant recall that far back. . . you think i remember when i was a horrible child that vividly? ime sure it was something rather insignificant today, like cleaning my room, or some BS. spams chat, spams chat somemore. spam ALLLLL the chat.
  8. i was a total dick to this one bitch on christmass eve last year. the store was closeing in 5 minutes, i kept cutteing her off to say "no time, to late, go ring out!" *TOSSES PRE-PAID PHONE ON COUNTER* "YOUR GOING TO FIX IT RIGHT!?" not understanding boys. they are so complicated, with this logic and reasoning that i cant seem to understand. A: get on mumble/minecraft/whatever pc game B: Sleep. C: masturbate. a house. those are damn expensive.
  9. i had dignity to begin with? why didn't anyone tell me this!? i wore my moms snowsuit and gloves back during the October blizzard if that counts for something. i really don't have any desire to ware womans clothing. in the right setting may haps. . . in the best setting, the lowest price would be: free sometimes i get this nasty kink in my neck when i sleep on it funny, other times i get one in my lower back after standing and working all day . . . ohhh, you mean THAT kinda kink.... nah, you don't need to know that =p what is this, truth or dare? you people already know enough.
  10. about two years ago, at friends house. now now, i dont go spreading rumor's about things. i told a customer that i will be with them in just a bit. little did i know that the customer i was with needed help with much more then buying 1 pair of headphones. . . i don't remember off hand, it was somewhere between 20k and 30k. low? ehh, the pay for everyone here is low. going to the C-store and buying ice cream and lotto tickets.
  11. I would probably be sleeping. absolutely nothing at the moment. swimming. if i am able to stay afloat, its a good day. because at Walmart, you have to deal with the entitled bottom rung of society on a daily basis. bitch please: if you want in house tech support for your phone, you should have gone with post paid, not straight talk. hmm.... i would probably be a microwave. up late at night, making da' snacks. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7fuPcVOxb-6VnUtNmJHZWU5T0E/edit?usp=sharing
  12. Also, events! Let's try to host more events. If my work schedule wasn't so difficult to work around, I would love to host some spleef tourneys. I find it odd that P can organize entire leagues, yet we have some of the most amazing arenas on C, yet they are only used for pick-up games. It's like if we were to give kids they keys to the xcel energy center so they could play some hockey, but instead they stay at home playing NHl in there Xbox.
  13. As good ol' gsand brings up almost daily, I would like to see some (abit limited) world edit capabilities. I know, we have this culture of building everything by hand, but most modern creative servers have it to some extent. Let's look back at the lobby building contest and how it was handled with that.
  14. Alright, so we have a bit of a reason why it was closed. The current state of the poll I added to this thread: https://nerd.nu/forums/index.php?/topic/2462-new-poll-should-mods-only-be-voted-on-and-have-powers-on-one-server/ Indicates that the community doesn't wish for any change in this area, though there are not many votes on the third question, so I would say results are inconclusive. If you haven't voted yet, please do so asap. Also, from this point forward, I will be having polls off-site (likely on straw poll or g-docs) to prevent confusion from the rest of the community. Stay tuned for further details.
  15. NEW POLL, in new thread, since this one is getting pretty full, and i dont want the new one to be overlooked. https://nerd.nu/forums/index.php?/topic/2462-new-poll-should-mods-only-be-voted-on-and-have-powers-on-one-server/ edit: since the new thread has been LOCKED, i have posted the new vote in this thread. sorry about that, but please re-vote.
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