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  1. I'd Like the earth by letslente map, maybe a small portion of it because its so massive.
  2. Quick update: Servers are back online! :DDDD
  3. Do you have a Inter Continental Ballistic Missile ready to fire?
  4. This is my second appeal instructed by tompreuss to make after 3 days of my ban for activating a lag machine. I have reread the rules and agree to abide by them.
  5. some players and i encountered a lag machine on c, we were setting it off to see how bad the lag would cause, i had to go do something for a little while, and did not see the warning. i figured we were still doing the same thing so i set it off. i wouldn't have set it off if i had seen the warning and i apologize for setting it off.
  6. Here's your anwsers, JLT
  7. amazin responz. i cri everyim
  8. Google it.
  9. Got questions? i'd love to answer them! also i just made this for JLTNG <3
  10. Seeens like a legit time . I'll set up a voting thread
  11. How about doing the rail system like PvEs? the way that its like right now is hard to get to some towns without warps. I found that to be a bit annoying
  12. We should have goals like: win 3 races in sonic all stars transformed
  13. Idk I don't own any. People should submit ideas and the most mentioned get to be played first. I have some ideas: TF2 Some racing game RPG shooter like cod And something else Seems like this would be better for consoles like ps3
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