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  1. First change: idiot-proofing PvP, second change: reconciling the rule with the new ruling that you cannot restrict access to grinders, farms, or pens. Can't really see what the big deal is. I'm in favour.
  2. I just hate the idea of having to keep a bunch of potions on me to keep me safe, takes up inventory space. I see why some people would want it, but I'm voting honestly and purely out of self interest. I'm not good enough at minecraft combat to be interested in this, I already run away from 90% of mobs I see. Plus, as neo said, monsters suffer from a ton of lag in the first few weeks, so they're easy as shit to avoid.
  3. Even if 75 or 80% of Seneca citizens are one-time players, that still leaves somewhere in the range of 50 regular players, and off the top of my head I can think of at least a half dozen Senecans who are among the most active players on the server. Diz is right, Seneca is underrepresented in staff because they don't "hang out" with other mods. Clan chat, while an awesome feature, has probably only served to widen this gap and further segregate "mod" and "non-mod" towns.
  4. Here's my situation: in mid June there was lots of talk about a new rev coming up. I knew I was going to be gone for the entire summer, and was almost certain that by the time I was back the next rev would be underway, as (at the time) a 5 month rev was unheard of. So I basically packed it in, and gave all of my stuff away to people who could use it more. Long story short, I've been back for two weeks and was super disappointed that there aren't even plans to end the rev yet. Now, this is totally my fault because I know that even in June all the official word was that there weren't any plans to end the rev. That's all in the past. Now all I want is for there to be regular updates about server status. I think that a weekly or bi-weekly "wrap-up/upcoming happenings" post would really help reduce the amount of people that flee 3 months into the rev under the expectation that it's almost over.
  5. Okay, so the arena wasn't built in survival. It does matter, because it means, as you said, that Den wasn't acting as a player then. He was acting as a padmin. Which is alright, I appreciate the work the padmins do enough to not really care if he uses his position like this. I do find it funny however that you stated his objective was "so that we could all participate in a fun, engaging and exciting community event" - isn't that what EVERYONE who makes a minigame or tournament of some sort is trying to do?
  6. So in the days leading up to the launch tournament of "Tower Wars", there have been numerous broadcast messages on P encouraging players to sign up a team for the event. I understand why this is being done, obviously everyone involved will have more fun the more teams there are, and last time I checked there were only two teams signed up. I think it is an excellent and appropriate use of broadcast messaging to increase awareness about the event. There's just one problem: Tower Wars is only getting this level of exposure because it's run by mods (and admins, I think). As far as I know, the arena is on the P map, was built in survival mode, and after the event will be open to the public. This makes it no different than any other minigame constructed by nerd.nu players. So I my request is that players be allowed to make reqs to have their minigames advertised through broadcast messages. Admins would be free to set their standards pretty high, as it's clear from the pictures that a lot of effort went into this event on their part. I only ask that mod-run events not get preferential treatment. Thanks for your consideration, and if there's a reason why Tower Wars is different than, for example, MarcusPSL's Jousting minigame (I would say spleef, but FISA has enough members that they have no need for advertisement), I would love to hear it.
  7. Just a life pro tip: it's super easy for us all to brush your suggestion off, considering the absurd amount of spelling and grammar errors in your writing, and also the weird (poem-style line breaks?) formatting of your posts. If you're going to make a suggestion as radical as this, you really ought to brush up on your English skills first. Regardless of what your actual age is, nobody will take you seriously if you type like a 12 year old.
  8. I agree with you. Hopper pits take a minimum of a few minutes to make, so people have to have them created prior to being attacked for them to be of any use. So a player will only really be able to have pits in their own "territory". And if there are people coming to their house specifically to take their stuff, I say good on them for being prepared. It's a defense structure, no different than having a ton of traps in your territory to deter intruders.
  9. Diz is correct in my mind. Wither skulls are different because it will always be *possible* to get them, just have to put in a ton of effort. Circlestone and other stuff that only occurs in strongholds is different because it becomes literally unattainable without trading after only a few weeks - essentially giving a few players complete control over the resource. Cobwebs, glowstone, and quartz are abundant enough that players can still get them on their own if they put enough effort into it. Lily pads I can't speak about, because I've never tried to get any.
  10. From the results I think we can surmise that lots of people want the ability to expand, or even just have a bigger map to begin with.
  11. Totemo has some cool ideas. I (like most, it seems) dislike the idea of having new players die from hunger (because really, nobody else is ever without tons of food), and the idea of activating creepers in certain areas is absolutely ludicrous. It would have disasterous results for cities that like to accept lots of players - I myself would probably start screening new citizens to make sure they are familiar enough with the game that they won't cause damage to the city. Now, the idea of having mobs get harder the further away from spawn you are is quite interesting, and the attributes feature that Tharine linked seems like it could be used to affect this. We would need to expand the map overall, I think, to provide more liveable space. But think of how cool it would be to have a harrowing adventure out in the wilderness, where the mobs are brutally tough and come in packs - maybe we could even do it Runescape style and have a constant PvP zone in the far far reaches of the map.
  12. Thanks, Den! Is there a [server] message active for this poll yet, or should we just be telling people about it through word of mouth?
  13. Jalamookoofoo

    Trade signs

    It's getting pretty late in the rev and the staff discussion made it quite clear that it's far from over. As denevien says, mojang likes to lead us on with promises of patches that (in the case of 1.6) are pushed back several months. So if we're waiting for 1.6 to start the preparations for the new the map, it could be another 2 months or even longer before the current one ends. In light of that, it's becoming extremely hard to find rare non-renewables. I've spent the last few days constantly asking around for mossy stone brick/cobble or cracked stone brick, and found nobody willing to sell. The issue arises from the fact that strongholds are literally torn apart within hours of discovery because people know the materials will be highly valuable later on. Those people might not have ever intended to build using them, and they also might not be active anymore. Even if I could find a seller, they would probably know they have the market cornered and charge me absolutely stupid amounts of diamonds or iron. So why do we have no trade signs this rev? I understand some materials are supposed to be valuable, but valuable =/= unattainable. Having a tradesign that costs lapis or diamonds would keep the value up while allowing players to access the materials if they would like them for their builds. It shouldn't be too hard to add to the current spawn - we already have a commandsign plugin and a precedent of creating tradesigns for rare non-renewables. All that remains is for the padmins to decide on a price. The materials that are in high demand and very low supply (as far as I am aware) are: cracked stone brick, mossy stone brick, mossy cobblestone, quartz blocks, chiseled stone brick, and to a lesser extend glowstone. If I am missing something here and the padmins have a good reason not to implement tradesigns for any of those materials, I would really like to hear it. Thanks! P.S. If this post seems overly aggressive or demanding I sincerely apologise, I've been told my style of writing is a bit argumentative and this is not my intention. You guys are great.
  14. Man some of you people are pretty. I've developed more than a few crushes. This is me as of this moment: Hello, hello, how do you do?
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