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  1. I think we should make it an archive server. Set it up with multiworlds that host previous P and C revs in creative mode (edits clear on disconnect). Rose already does this with their server, but it'd be nice to have it in house.
  2. Since we're apparently updating, here's me in DC this past Saturday.
  3. My computer has decided that it no longer accepts AMD video drivers, so I cannot play Minecraft until I get this fixed. No idea how long I'll be out of game.
  4. Hi there! Glad you appealed. As you would have been banned for one month, and you were banned in August 2016, you've now been unbanned. Welcome back!
  5. Greetings all! We would like to invite everyone to participate in a Community Meeting. This is your chance to discuss matters involving our servers: how things are going, how things can be improved, and other questions, comments, or concerns you may have about Nerd.Nu in general. The meeting will be held on Mumble at 6 p.m. on 19 August 2017. Click here to convert to your time zone. Feel free to post agenda items below or PM a head admin directly to remain anonymous. There's no guarantee we'll get to everything (some of us DO have lives and no one likes 5-hour-long meetings) but we'll do our best to address everyone's concerns. We can also address feedback from the Community Survey that was submitted before the 16th of August. See you there! - Head Admins
  6. Hello nerds! Please take a few moments to fill out our Mid-2017 Community Survey. We want detailed responses on how you feel things are going right now, and how we can change things for the better going forward. Also feel free to tell us what you think we're doing well. The survey is completely anonymous unless you choose to include your username. This survey will run for two weeks from the date of this post, ending on 22 August 2017. If you wish your feedback to be addressed during our upcoming community meeting, please ensure your feedback is submitted before Wednesday, 16 August, so we can have a chance to review it. Thank you for your feedback on how to make these servers as great as they can possibly be. - Sapphric
  7. Kumquatmay has graciously accepted and has joined us on staff!
  8. Please add your vote by the end of Saturday 22nd July. If a staff member votes 'no', it is expected that their accompanying comments have been previously made known either within the feedback thread or directly to head admins. If not, we will get in contact with the staff member to get more detailed reasoning. If this vote is successful: We will contact the player to ensure they would like to join staff. If they would: We will contact techs to update player permissions in game, and update forum, slack etc. permissions across our services. We will arrange basic training and inform server admins when new moderators are ready for additional server-specific training. We will move this voting post to public mod forums, and inform the playerbase via the Head Admin changelog. If this vote is unsuccessful, or the player declines, we will inform staff within the post, and move it to the private closed nomination forum.
  9. My thoughts are the same as Electifried. I am not removing my note for the time being,
  10. I have removed my note.
  11. You're unbanned. Please review the rules at http://www.nerd.nu/rules and be sure to follow them. Happy blocks!
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