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  1. If you have to committee-source the response, that tells me two things. 1. I'm not going to like it, and 2. It'll have precisely 0 respect outside of lip service to the effort c3nt and I put into building, only to have it taken away from us on a very poorly-justified whim.
  2. 24 hours and still no addressing my points? What's the matter, can't find a way to twist the answers to better suit you?
  3. Ok, so. Ignoring the fact that one week of this two-and-a-half-week period was forcibly imposed upon me by yourself. Ignoring the fact that you intimated I should take a longer hiatus from the community to let things "calm down", what with all those accusations of child molestation flying about. Ignoring the fact that in my ban appeal I specifically mentioned the guardian grinder as being something me and c3nt were extremely invested in and wanted to continue working on. Ignoring the fact that at any point you could have sent me a message on this very forum alerting me of the modreq to STEAL OUR SHIT thus allowing me to log in and avert it. And you didn't. Nobody did. What happens now? Ownership of this build has been forcibly and unilaterally taken away from c3nt and myself, thus pissing all over the gargantuan time, effort and resources it cost us (seriously, do you know how fucking long it took us to get all the water out of there, then make all the glass to enclose it? Do the math.) We've previously, several times, stated that it was basically our "baby" as it was the biggest build we'd undertaken in the history of nerd.nu. What about the fact that I paid someone like half a stack of emeralds to take ownership of that area of land? Do we get all that back? Or is it just a "sorry, not sorry, it's lakeside's now, don't be salty brah." What if we demanded all the shit we'd worked on get rolled back, given that we no longer have control over it through no fault of our own? Would you tear out all the foundation and restore it to its pre-modified state? What if we demanded ownership of it back, given that we put the bulk of work into it ourselves, and lakeside just put a hat on it?
  4. Whatever the answer is it better be good, because c3nt and I spent an insane amount of time and resources working on it just for you lot to decide to give it to someone else. AFTER ownership was apparently established and protections given.
  5. "Lakeside's" guardian grinder isn't theirs at all. That belonged to me and c3nt as property of Butania. I guess region ownership and protections don't count for shit if the mods don't like you.
  6. That's fair. Thanks for being willing to take my compromise. Do you need me to let you know on Tuesday? Or will the ban auto-expire?
  7. There's very little, if anything, I can say to exonerate myself here, and most of what I could say would be based on point of view, which unfortunately doesn't make for a good argument. I will agree that I was massively disruptive very recently, in part due to the absolutely DISGUSTING accusation that was made against me and the perceived lack of response. As much in the right as I believe/ed I was, I was still a colossal jerkass about it afterwards. So instead of pleas for mercy or "don't ban me" or whatever, how about this. As much as you and I DON'T see eye to eye on things, you do seem amenable to reason and compromise when approached in a certain fashion. So consider the following: I don't grief - the idea of destroying someone else's shit for shits and giggles does not appeal to me. I don't, and will never, X-ray - that would ruin the point of the game entirely, and unfairly deprive others of build materials and other things. I don't obstructively build - I do my best to not get in the way of other peoples builds and would prefer to change my build to suit theirs rather than vice-versa (with few exceptions, although there are some) So instead of hitting me with a long ban for being an arsehat in chat, I propose the following: a shorter ban, say a week or a fortnight, but after reinstating me, leave me publicly muted for a much, much longer period of your discretion. The problems you've been having with me are to do with my conversational issues, not those based around the game mechanics itself. So make the penalty relevant. I would like to be allowed back on ASAP as I was having a really great time building that guardian/slime grinder for people in the south-west to use - it's officially the biggest grinder I'v e ever built and I spent a lot of time on it placing sand and whatnot. It's not quite complete and I'd like to get it that way so folks in that area can use it.
  8. Barlimore, I adhered to your ingame request to not instigate any trouble with that specific player, and the only public discussion I was involved in at length today was one about bees. I did have a private discussion with MiniZuvy in regards to a personal issue he's having, but I was not abusive towards him and ceased communication after he requested it. As the last thing resulting in any conflict was the one I had that discussion with you about, and that was nearly 24 hours ago, I'm wondering why I was banned?
  9. Yeah those guys. Thanks.
  10. So I've got a bunch of notes on my account from like 2 years ago. Are they able to be removed? Because 2 years?
  11. UNP

    PvE protections

    It's a very sensible suggestion. Personally I think it actually provides some kind of even partially objective metric to judge it by. That's why I expect it not to get addressed. I wouldn't hold out hope, man
  12. UNP

    Restart latest rev

    You know what you guys need? Nerd.nu gold. People can subscribe every month and get access to "special" blocks like diamond and emerald, the 3 different varieties of stone, and the ability to enchant. Then whenever the server has lag you can swear blind that it'll go away if just a few more people donate. You can have nice little flow charts, pie graphs, projections and all sorts of cool stuff like that. That way, when people whinge about the lag you can just tell them that if they're not paying then they're part of the problem.
  13. UNP

    PvE protections

    I've tried. I got told off for being negative, aggressive and "toxic". And then I got banned. You guys don't handle your authority being questioned (even politely) very well at all.
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