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  1. [Note Appeal] OmegaEnigma (now Omegaeddon) [Zomise]

    As far as I'm aware, notes aren't public information.
  2. The 1.14 update to the Java edition of Minecraft will remove much of the off-hand functionality we gained in 1.9: I can't speak for the community, but I don't want to see this loss of functionality come to the server. I'd suggest that, unless Mojang decides to not alter off-hand mechanics, we not update the servers to 1.14 when the time comes to do so.
  3. Smaller map

    I'd support a smaller map. It'd further incentivize rail/road building, and while I know nothing will get rid of elytra short of removing the ridiculous things from the game, I'd rather have rails, roads, and wings than just the latter two.
  4. Old ban appeals and ban appeal publicity

    Keep them visible. I've never once seen an instance of people being shamed for being banned. Keeping them public is more transparent for everyone, and it keeps staff actions in the open as they should be.
  5. Elytra Rebalancing

    I think this post needs to be discussed: In terms of game design, I fully agree with RN. Wings are overpowered and badly implemented, and they create a new set of incentives that don't require teamwork or community-building. For example, the biggest community-based need that elytra create is gunpowder, and a functioning creeper grinder can be built within a day. That's not a community effort. Neither is a cane farm, since cities build them on their own. What's happened to the server the past few revs is a large shift towards cities existing as their own small enclaves, in which they might work with others in the city but not with anyone outside it. For example, Pico this rev is an amazing project, but it's not connected to anything. The only city that made much of an effort to build rails (that I know of) was Laketown, and those died as soon as the player in charge left. Rails are dead, not because they aren't advanced enough to compete with elytra, but because the community has been given an easy alternative that doesn't require significant investment in the game. Anyone can kill a dragon now. It doesn't take much effort. Getting fireworks isn't hard. I manage to get elytra every rev, and I've never even killed a dragon, because I have friends with extra. It's ridiculous. And, once I have it, I don't need to use my horse, or walk, or take the rails that don't exist. In short, I don't need to work with anyone else or even interact with their road builds after I have a four-message conversation with a friend who likes killing dragons. In short, elytra remove the necessity to work together. All this doesn't mean we should get rid of elytra completely. They are part of the game, like it or not, and they open up a lot of interesting gameplay possibilities like elytra courses, flying tours, and easy travel. However, they completely dis-incentivize community infrastructure building if they're too easy to obtain. We need a balance between gameplay progression and the preservation of a cohesive community. I think we need to very seriously consider either removing the fireworks mechanic for elytra (and the bowflight), thus making them less overpowered, or making elytra so hard to get that they aren't worth it for most people. How this would be accomplished isn't a discussion for this post. Whatever is done, though, it's important to realize that we can't just ban elytra and expect new people to stick around. Someone coming to a 1.12 server expects 1.12 features, and one of those, unfortunately, is elytra. However, if we don't rebalance them now, we are going to see the death of the PvE community, because, as the post I'm highlighting says, elytra in their current form take the E out of PvE. They remove the incentive to ride the roads, build rails, and visit the little towns that sprout up between cities. I've been a part of cities and done solo builds, and I can safely say that having a working server-wide rail system makes these places much easier to explore than elytra, which allow you to fly over anywhere that isn't your destination without even seeing it. This map is one of the best I've ever seen this server come out with, and, had I not relied on horses for the major part of the rev, I never would have seen what it had to offer. I stick with this server because I like how it fosters a real community, one that's willing to take the time to build public goods like roads and rails and horse stables and safe houses. With elytra, none of this is necessary. We can live in our little enclaves and not interact with anyone else, because we don't need to interact with the land between our cities. I understand that it's not wise to artificially limit gameplay choices, and I admit that limiting elytra would limit choice. However, I also don't want to see the slow death of the PvE community continue. It's already begun, as evidenced by the, let's be honest here, piss-poor rail system this rev. It started last rev (rev19), when Lite died and wings became the dominant mode of transport, and it will not stop until we admit to ourselves that elytra are actively killing environmental interaction and community infrastructure building, or the server loses the sense of community and common-good building that makes it special.
  6. Staff Inactivity Notices

    I'll be around the forums and sub, but I'll be getting schematics for next rev ready and won't be on the server much.
  7. 2017 Fundraiser Feedback

    If the extra week saw the reopening of the main servers alongside the event server I'd be fine with this, but having P and C closed for a week and a half would be detrimental.
  8. Hermit's Rest

    Living on the prairie can get dull. What better way to spice up the summer than some wine? The newly-added vineyard has just the vintage for those long plain days. http://imgur.com/a/DZtrh
  9. Hermit's Rest

    Thanks! I've added a mountain shrine and an archives, in Greek style. The maps and item frames show off the Adventurer's Guild prizes. http://imgur.com/a/jiEmN
  10. Hermit's Rest

    Added an arena. Come spleef, Saturday 5p central time! https://imgur.com/a/xf1Sg
  11. Hermit's Rest

    This section of the forums could use some love, so I'm putting up a sort of progress thread for my solo build, Hermit's Rest. It's a town in the Southwest with a central keep, farms, residences, and a town center with an open-air marketplace. I'll be updating as I add more to it. Location is -925 1786. Town images: https://imgur.com/a/9nXUz
  12. Rev 20 Mid-Rev Feedback!

  13. Rev 20 Mid-Rev Feedback!

    Iron Grinders: This revision we started with a higher cost for iron golem spawners and upgrades early on and decrease the cost monthly. Did the costs of spawners and upgrades feel fair? Yes. It should be hard to get a spawner. Were the costs clear to you? Yes. Should we continue with this method of obtaining iron golem spawners? Yes. Is it time to find a new way of acquiring iron golem spawners? This way works, it's much better than last rev's fixed spawners. Nether Portals: This rev we increased the number of portals and tried to spread out more evenly across the map. How do you feel about the number of portals and their placement on the map? They're far enough apart to encourage travel, which is all I ask. There are a good amount, since having this many allows individuals to get and develop portals while still ensuring that the cities have enough to go around. Would you like to see nether portals handled differently? if so, how? No, they're fine. The Nether: We decided to go back to a vanilla nether this revision. After some consideration we also allowed portal owners a 1x1 hole in the bedrock ceiling to allow nether roof access. Would you like to see a vanilla nether again? I prefer the custom gen, the glowstone trees and land gen made exploring fun. Other thoughts or ideas about the nether? Add a zombie pigman spawner for shits and giggles, maybe even a (slow) wither skelly spawner that is earned as a prize in an event. Map Generation: The map is a good size, and things are spread out enough to encourage a good amount of infrastructure building (or at least there'd be decent infrastructure, but more on that later). I like the biomes more than past revs, and the custom trees are fun. I'd like to see fewer dramatic changes between neighboring biomes, like having a desert bordering a dense forest, but that's a Minecraft thing. Ideally, there'd be a portion of the map dedicated to desert/mesa and other portions with their own "ecosystems," like coastal regions, mountains, plains, and forests, where similar biomes are clustered together so that traveling through the world seems smooth and realistic. Biomes seem like a good size. Keep Terrain Control, it's better than Worldpainter or vanilla generation. Ore distributions: More gold is necessary for the development of proper rail systems. I miss the days when I could hop on a rail and get just about anywhere. We still have cities and motivated builders, but too little gold means that development can't happen. Other oregen is fine, though diamonds feel a bit sparse. MapWorld: I'd love to see an image converter like Aharit suggested. I tried making a map once, and it took up all the time I'd have liked to use playing the game in the actual PvE map. ImageOnMap seems like a promising server-oriented plugin. I understand that having a mapworld is desirable because it still requires players to put in time to build a map, but the actual building detracts from time that could be spent elsewhere, and on balance I'd rather have people playing PvE than being made to take large amounts of time to make maps. Miscellaneous: I like the blog posts, and would love to see the "Community" section focus on builds more often. The first post had a nice section where settlements got showcased, and it'd be fun to have people submit pics of their towns to put in this section. It'd be good for advertising to new players if we could get them to read it. Spawn: Was there anything you felt spawn and the spawn area was missing this rev? Lighting, it's hard to see inside with a darker RP. Was is it easy to find food and the exit? Yes. Would you prefer a bigger/smaller spawn? If so, why? The size is fine, but I'd rather it be spread out for variety's sake since this rev's is rather vertical. Any other thoughts regarding spawn? Nice design, and I'm glad to see the Adventurer's Guild get its own rooms. We’ve had a number of different themes for spawns across 20 revisions, from pirate ships to airships and everything in-between! Which themes would you like to see in future spawns? I'd love to see a classic castle, especially since we've got a modern design this rev. Special spawners: The revision we added some special spawners (slime, shulker, etc) in the overworld and used Biome Bundle's custom structures to include witch spawners and some special dungeons which contained multiple spawners. Should special spawners be removed from the map? No To avoid rarer items being flooded into the economy early, should we look into adding these later into a revision? No, just make them harder to find. Did you like the added spawners from Biome Bundles custom structures? Yes. Are there any unique spawners you'd like to see added? Not that I can think of, maybe a zombie pigman spawner. Adventurers Guild -- Do you enjoy having hunts held by the Adventurers Guild? Yes. It's a great addition to the server. Are there ideas you would like to share for future scavenger hunts or events? Once towns are established, it'd be fun to collab with city mayors to hide things within established builds. Other Thoughts -- Are you missing the All the Things Challenge? Yes Would you like to see the return of a grand challenge next rev? Yes Would you prefer if we focused on more events which you can do at any time you want or for more events which bring us all together for a specific time? Any-time events are more fun, since they're easier to complete on one's own time and they allow long-term collaboration between players attempting them. One-time events are fun, but shouldn't substitute for well-planned rev-long challenges. Closing Thoughts: I'm enjoying the rev, but I wish we had our old rail systems back. I'm not sure why they're no longer in vogue to build, though I'd wager it's a combination of elytra and EasyRider making wings and horses more convenient to use than rails are to build. However, with a reintroduction of proper gold spawning levels, I think rails could make a comeback to the point that they're at least useful, and not sparse and half-finished. It's nice to have several methods of transportation, and I think the gold spawning this rev has ruined a good one.
  14. Bring back the Rev18 iron grinder system

    As of Rev19, we can no longer create iron farms at all. I was ambivalent towards this change at first, since I normally don't place a huge emphasis on iron grinder use, but I'm now convinced that having only 4, very slow spawners on the map is a terrible idea. The nice thing about iron farms is that, because anyone can make one, you'll find them just about everywhere. This means that UMC will likely have a grinder, and, thus, provide a useful source of iron at spawn. This comes in handy for anyone who needs a minecart, or some cheap gear, or anything else iron is used for. Now, we've got four of these bullshit little grinders that don't seem to be upgradeable, and are located at the worst spots for use by anyone at or near the center of the map. One thing that I like about this server is that it tries to preserve the wealth of options that vanilla MC gives players for gathering resources. If I start up a survival world, am I limited to a few iron golem spawners? No! I can make a golem farm myself. On the server, I've got no problem with replacing villager-based farms with actual spawners, to decrease lag, because spawners allow players to gather iron in a way that appeals to them. Now, players are limited to mining, or AFKing for hours at one of the four -remade spawners, which are so slow as to be useless. This change regarding spawners has had several deleterious effects. Rails have become less important as a method of travel, IMO partially because of the reduction in iron availability, and the new rail-related plugin has gone largely to waste since we've regressed to a pre-CARBON level of centralization. Now that Elytra are seemingly harder to get, we're running around on roads that, this rev, aren't too prolific. Emeralds are the new standard for creating beacon towers, which means more time-wasting villager trading. If someone prefers to trade and not AFK at a grinder, that's great, but why should taking hours out of one's day for a single beacon tower be the only option unless you want to wait for literal days at a grinder, and get in everyone else's way? I don't see why allowing people to have and use their own iron grinders is in any way harmful to the server. Yes, spawners make players grind less. However, if you're telling me that the best way to keep new players is to make them mine some iron instead of AFKing, you're joking. I've mined for an hour and grabbed enough iron to make an anvil or three, and enough picks to find a half-stack of diamonds. If I want a really substantial amount of iron, though, I have to dump a bunch of time into mining that I could, with a decent spawner system like last rev's, spend building public goods like rails and beacons. As such, I think it's wise to consider bringing back the Rev18 iron system for next revision.
  15. OleToothless account note appeal [Herr_Fawkes]

    Hey, sorry I haven't seen this yet. The past few days have been hectic IRL. I've rescinded the note, since you brought it up and it was accidental.