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  1. It seems that everyone is okay with a time shift to 1pm EDT on Saturday June 15th. Below is a proposed post announcing the staff meeting, assuming it takes place then. Please take it and edit it to your hearts' content - I basically adapted it from the September staff meeting announcement. I'd recommend posting it in Mod Chat (sticky it), then making a subreddit post which links directly to it. You'd probably also want to add a banner on the subreddit some length of time before it happens (maybe up to a week). --------------------------------- Hi folks, We will be hosting our next staff meeting on Mumble on Saturday, June 15th at 1pm EDT (11 days from now). The primary objective of staff meetings is to both update staff on the state of the servers and recent changes, and encourage active communication both among the staff and with the entire player community. This also gives everyone a chance to pose the questions they've always wanted answered, and to discuss topics relevant to our community in a large group. At this particular meeting, we'll be discussing some of the new features on the servers and changes in our server tools (such as the forums). We'll also discuss some recently-written guides on how to more effectively handle particularly difficult aspects of moderating, such as xraying and PVP logging. Finally, we'll talk about how to broach the topic of advertising our servers to the world at large, and announce some upcoming events. All this and more! (TODO update with whatever things you'd like to talk about) As always, everyone is invited to join and participate, both staff and non-staff. Initial discussion will be limited to mods and admins, but we'll open up the floor at the end to questions from players. All players and staff are welcome to PM the head admins ahead of time if there's a topic you'd like to discuss, especially if you won't be able to attend the meeting itself - we'll make sure your questions get answer. (You're welcome to talk to the head admins about issues anytime, not just staff meetings. Any of in-game/Mumble/IRC/forum PM/Reddit PM work!) We'll try to post a loose agenda ahead of time. Server admins: please be prepared to talk about recent (~last 3 months) and planned upcoming changes for your server. Tech admins: please be prepared to talk about recent (~last 3 months) and planned upcoming changes to our server tools, commands, and infrastructure. Mods: if you're available, please try to attend. If not, we'll post a recording of the meeting. Thanks!
  2. If we do decide to go with players-as-mobs (which would be a lot of fun), let's please make sure that it's beta-tested to hell and back, and easily explained. We've tried class-based events in the (distant) past, only to have them quickly fall apart due to plugin issues and general player confusion. Here's an album of every screenshot I found from the first CTF - you should be able to ascertain most of the base design from some of the shots. I can chat with you more about it tonight if some aspects aren't clear. Maybe we can see if folks are around Friday late afternoon/evening (US eastern time)? EDIT: I won't be around to help, but it'd still be good for folks to gather every so often (maybe starting on Friday) to see how things are going and work on them as a group. Weekends are usually easiest for such things.
  3. For some context - we actually used to (2+ years ago) broadcast all bans/unbans server-wide (maybe also kicks), including both the name and reason given. I believe this was right around when we switched to MCBouncer. This was generally found to do more harm than good - while it was helpful in notifying players when a very conspicuous troublemaker was taken care, it also called attention to all the other, much less conspicuous bans (including those of players who aren't even online at the same, which happens frequently when dealing with griefing modreqs). This tended to derail chat quite often, especially if the need for the ban wasn't obvious from watching chat. Plus you'd have all the people circlejerking about it ("<playerA> banhammer'd!", etc.) So, letting people know a player got banned is fine - but I generally wouldn't do it unless people are asking you what happened to them (in which case, just use regular chat).
  4. Thanks for the continued feedback! Based on the above discussion, we have the following "volunteer teams" to work on the event so far: Map/Base-building: AvengerOfThings, kitcatbar, Tharine Plugin Dev (CutePVP, etc): totemo, Deaygo, slide23 Mini-Event Planning: Tharine (punt) People who have volunteered - please feel free to proceed with any tasks you signed up to help with - and recruit other mods/admins to help out! Perhaps we should try to meet up next weekend to see what we have so far / discuss ideas / gather a big group to work on things? People who haven't volunteered - please consider helping out! This will almost certainly be the most important event we host all year. Please let us know if you can help with any of the stuff listed above, or host your own mini-event during the donation drive (and if so, what kind) - see details here. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here's a summary of the ideas discussed since that post, and who proposed them: Zombie survival (muldoonaz): bases get attacked by zombies at night; winning team gets attacked harder (balancing effect) Incorporate old builds into map (avenger/tharine): examples include tebok/jchance city, or any builds from older revisions (presumably not those used on previous CTFs); need to make sure build placement/contents are well-balanced geographically between teams Players fighting as mobs (totemo/mastercommathe/deaygo): have players transform into mobs under certain conditions - can't edit blocks, but can cause damage, and have various natural advantages/disadvantages; MobDisguise plugin makes this technically possible; various ideas for how to trigger this (become random mob when you die, spawning at center of mob, turn back into human each sunrise; each team becomes random mob each night; etc.) Mini-game rewards (mastercommathe): valuable ores and/or livestock early in event; buffs more important later in event New plugin-based effects (totemo): give wool colors different effects (e.g., configurable potion buffs); special arrows; magic wands and spells (related plugin) Proposed configuration (tharine): flag carries drop wool flag they're holding after certain amount of time; flag carriers cannot re-enter their base defenses, only return to where the flag gets placed; use plumped ores, PlumpXP, /unenchant as before
  5. Bumping. I would still really like another head to lead the staff meeting if at all possible. Please say if you think you can help with such. Can you also please confirm your availability on Saturday June 15th - both from 2-4pm EDT, and the rest of that day (in case we need to shift the schedule around)? Thanks!
  6. Alright, I seem to be hearing a consensus that we'd like to see CTF come back at the core event, then space out various smaller activities over the course of the event duration (24 hours? longer?) I very much like the suggestion to move to 2 teams this go-round - it greatly simplifies balance between teams, simplifies map construction, and makes it a refreshing change of pace from the last two. How does everyone feel about proceeding in that direction? For the sake of visibility, I'm gonna relink the planning threads for the last two CTF events: CTF #1 (April 2012) CTF #2 (November 2012) As far as "mini-events" during the main CTF event, here's what we've done in the past: Obstacle course (typically built by fazaden) King of the hill arena (whichever team held the KOTH got buffs map-wide) Spleef arena (with kit signs to facilitate running spleef) Here are other ideas for in-drive events we could do, from this thread and the other one: Zombie survival - could be a map-wide event; spawn increasing numbers of zombies all over the map (or at least at team bases) at night, none during the day; come up with a way to have players act as "intelligent mobs"; involve a base defense component Chest rushes - have chests/locations that automatically populate with treasures/goodies - this ends up as a kind of KOTH where teams struggle to take control of the area so they can grab the loot Build contest - admanta suggested another go at the 10-minute build contest idea; winning builds could maybe be incorporated onto the CTF map right away Hide and seek Hunger games / battle royale - basically would be just like S arena free-for-alls, but on a larger, more elaborate arena floor with traps, equipment, etc. (maybe not allow anyone to bring in their own gear, too) Parkour course Treasure hunts By the way, when I was talking about team-based maps earlier, I was referring to the kind of stuff they do on servers like these. ----------------------------------------- Next up, I'd like to start recruiting volunteers to tackle specific aspects of this event, so that we can start getting things built now (3.5 weeks out), and figuring out what we need. We need volunteers in the following roles: Map building - as we have in the past, we may choose to incorporate some builds from older maps. Might also be fun to go with a new, totally unique theme for the map/bases (e.g. futuristic?) Plugin development and testing - not just tech admins! If you know what's needed, can help code it up, and work with the tech admins with lots of advance notice to test it, it would be very helpful! Leading up various mini-events - This includes creating any necessary builds for your mini-event, figuring out if any plugin work is needed (either using existing plugins or writing new ones) well in advance, and working with the above volunteers to test that. Events that don't require a lot of tech work (beyond kit signs and such) are preferable. Please let us know how you'd be willing to help out! Continued discussion on what we want to do (including if we do want to proceed with another CTF) is also welcome. Particularly regarding CTF mechanics and how to improve them from previous events, if we do go in that direction.
  7. Next month, we will be hosting a donation drive for the servers, as part of our community's 4th anniversary - let's decide what we want to do and how! Tentative date/time is Saturday, June 22nd starting at 4pm EDT (time conversion), for at least 24 hours. Date/time may shift depending on revision/patch schedules and other factors, but please save the date for now. We also intend to have a staff meeting one week prior - we'll let you know once that's finalized (ideally 2 weeks in advance). Please do not tell your non-staff friends yet - we will make an official public announcement closer to the event, once we have more concrete plans and timing. 100% of funds raised will go toward the servers. The primary need is hosting costs for the next 12-18 months. The tech admins would like to move all of our servers to a single host (Secured Servers) - while this will increase our monthly costs somewhat, it should significantly improve server latency for all users (especially those outside the US). Funds may also be used for some hardware purchases, such as a new SSD. Deaygo can field questions on financials and technical details, which have not been finalized. These server-wide events (in which the regular servers are taken down) are usually a lot of fun, with special competitions, unique server formats, and hundreds of players on a single server. But these events can't happen without your help - whether it's deciding the event we want to do, or helping with event setup, or encouraging friends to join in. These donation drives are what allow us to keep the server viable without having to solicit donations year-round - so every bit you can do to help is important! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The primary purpose of this thread is to brainstorm what type of event we would like to do for the donation drive. All suggestions are welcome! Below are some examples of server-wide events we've done in the past year, with relevant links (not a comprehensive list): Capture the Flag v1 (April 2012; last actual donation drive) MCP Planning Thread Subreddit threads: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 3rd Birthday Celebration (June 2012) Subreddit threads: 1, 2 Creative Islands Event (September 2012) Subreddit threads: 1, 2, 3 Capture the Flag v2 (November 2012) Google Doc for planning Subreddit threads: 1, 2, 3, 4 And here are some other ideas that have been tossed around before: Zombie survival Factions Series of team-based maps (race for the wool, break the core, etc.) "Hunger Games" style hardcore event Running old maps with chaos rules
  8. As discussed in this thread, we're currently targeting a staff meeting to take place on Saturday, June 15th. This is all tentative, especially the time (2pm EDT). I'd like to announce the staff meeting about 2 weeks in advance, i.e. June 1st - at this point we will begin collecting questions / concerns / discussion topics in earnest from staff and players. I'd strongly prefer for a head admin who is not me to run this meeting. My activity level is not high enough to know many of the things going on with the server, and any decisions made at the meeting on how to proceed will largely be acted upon by you guys. Please comment if you'd be willing to head this up. In the meantime, I'd like for us to start assembling our plan for what to discuss at the staff meeting. I've created a Google Doc and have started populating it: [document link] I'm keeping it private, so ask myself, JA, or WCS to get access if you don't have it already. Please edit document at will! Please add/remove/edit topics/details/whatever. Work on any of the ideas listed in there, pursue them further, etc. I'll also continue to recommend that you explore adding an additional head admin in the very near future, before summer plans and travel begin to significantly affect people's ability to be around: [link] Thanks!
  9. I wrote an extensive guide on how to moderate combat logging on the old forums, a bit under two months ago. Please let me know if you have any questions with what's listed there! http://nerd.nu/archives/index.php?p=/discussion/19152/a-guide-to-pvp-logging-moderation (It would be good to compile a list of links to "useful posts" from the old forums and make sure they're readily accessible here. For example, I know totemo wrote a really nice guide to xray moderation over there, that I tried to emulate with the logging stuff.)
  10. https://github.com/NerdNu/NerdBugs/issues?state=open
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