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  1. yup i'm nowhere near "fly around with a trident and elytra and hunt phantoms" phase, and I don't see how ANYONE would be with the significant lag experienced especially during peak times. Maybe take them away and bring them back for the second half of the rev when things die down and doing so is much less inconvenient.
  2. Bans and ban appeals should absolutely remain public. Cheating affects all players in the community, and the system only works if the community can see that punishment is effective and proper. To that end, transparency facilitates a number of essential things: Legitimacy in the anti-cheating system and its rules (i.e. that cheaters are actually being caught) Deterrence (players should know and believe that cheating will result in punishment) Staff due diligence in demonstrating cheating via documentation of the cheating (e.g., screenshots of block edits for X-ray bans, chat logs) Fairness through proper and consistent punishment according to established and expected rules Trust from the community by being able to see "criminal history" so they can make informed decisions when playing with others. That last point I think is important -- being able to lookup a player's history of bans and their responses to them is essential to maintaining a collaborative and cohesive PvE environment. Players should be able to find out that a new potential town member was banned a month ago for cheating. Likewise, past cheaters should be able to expunge their records in most cases and not have to live on a registry indefinitely. Without these things, trust among players in the community is eroded, individuals and towns collaborate less, and the PvE feel is damaged. Cheaters should feel some degree of shame for breaking rules and betraying the trust of the community, but also cheaters should not be publicly ridiculed -- especially considering that many here are not adults. Nonetheless, cheaters should have to bear some burden of demonstrating they are contrite/reformed whether they are age 9 or 90. If it isn't already, public shaming of cheaters should be treated similarly to harassment.
  3. Cooper album: http://imgur.com/a/Lz0Ze
  4. 1.9 update for Zyin's can be found here: https://github.com/lowell/zyinshud/releases
  5. I like storms since they give +20 fishing, but I think maybe the kids these days have moved on to "auto"fishing anyway.
  6. I haven't encountered two traps at the same, but just as long as you have a little bit of armor and a bow/arrow, they're pretty easy. But maybe I'm missing out on being mobbed by them.
  7. You could consider reducing them drastically, but making them more challenging (and with better drops/XP?). Or, make them rare, but buff the stats of the horses.
  8. Iron grinders: I haven't been the one in charge of our iron grinders, but based on the availability of iron currently, the process could stand to be a little more expensive (I like the idea of requiring more heads per upgrade -- maybe after the first 4 spawners, require that upgrades be done to all 4 at once?) The nether: I like the new nether -- it's more dangerous, but there seems to be a problem a conceptual problem with wither skeleton farming, although I'm not sure whether this is a good or bad thing. Custom flora: One of the best aspects of the new rev. Portals: I think the portal situation this rev is fine. After last rev, I'd be happy with just 2 portals. My suggestion for future revs is -- you don't necessarily have to have the portals symmetrically spaced out, although I completely understand the appeal. Ore distributions: I mine a lot, and I've never had a problem with ore distribution. MapWorld: Nice idea, but it's only seeing very sparse usage right now. I'm not (and I assume most people won't) take the time to create an actual image to make into a map/frame, so the alternative is to use a program that converts an image into minecraft pixel art. The level of effort it took for me to learn how to do this was surprisingly high, and now I'm no longer interested in using the plot I reserved--although I still would like to take advantage of it before the end of the rev. As it's not currently very popular, I don't see any reason it will be around next rev. Terrain: Terrain is great. Heavily WorldEdited maps tend to be the more memorable ones. Spawn: Historically, I've always found spawn hard to navigate, but it's usually not the fault of those who created spawn. I like this rev's spawn. The melon situation sucked on the initial first-day rush, but other than that one circumstance, there's no need for a sign to obtain melons (it is PVE after all). . Custom mobs: I like the idea of trying to make PVE more dangerous through unique mobs. Meowington is interesting but annoying since it feels like it takes 5 minutes of repetitive hitting to kill it. But if you don't have any blocks in your inventory, be prepared to run! I think I've come across a Dr. Cuddles because a creeper exploded behind me and took out almost 3/4 of my health while I was wearing mostly P4 diamond armor, but I've otherwise never seen one. I think it would be neat to introduce 5-6 overpowered (in different ways) mobs that all come with a small chance of dropping an awesome item that is mostly novelty and doesn't give the player too much benefit (e.g., Knockback X item) /help: Has this been changed from previous revs? I've relied in it in the past in its past form, but haven't used it this rev.
  9. I'm guessing the reasoning for not having it persist between restarts is staff doesn't want players ignoring staff members (this would be problematic and probably cause more problems than it solves). Is there a way to easily do this in TabbyChat? I can't find any documentation for playing on our type of server, and my attempts at figuring out Regex have been fairly futile.
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