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  1. Trees should be a mix, in the middle there should be trees that can be found on like planet minecraft, maybe a 5x5 of trees not made in server, and the rest be player made.
  2. Are we going to solve this or is this just going to sit here idle forever.
  3. Bump again
  4. Ok Ill rephrase it then, Yes, I will attempt to stay out of arguments as I said. No, Im not blaming others. I do get involved in arguments I only said if I'm going to have it held against me the same should apply for others.
  5. bump
  6. I never said I wouldn't try to stay out of arguments.
  7. I stay out of 90% of the arguments that go on in nerd, but when they direct their comments straight to me I'm going to say something back.
  8. I understand people turn to the server to have fun and forget whats happening in their life currently even for a short time. I have no problem getting along with people, but if they choose to start an argument they should be prepared to finish it. Both times I was warned to stop "Harrassing players" I stopped talking to them in chat, and continued on with what I was doing. I understand Nerd has rules to uphold but if you are going to hold them to one player, hold them to another. As for the first issue of "harrassment" I pointed out a user was just basically copy pasting builds from a map made by someone else into the server. I never said they couldn't do it, I pointed it out and talked about it with another player and that was it. today that same player decided to jump into a conversation they weren't in to begin with and try and tell me what to do, I told them they could "Take their comments and shove it up their ass" was it harsh? Maybe, but I wasn't in the mood for him to try and dictate what was happening.
  9. I was banned for harrassing other players... apparently. I didn't harass anyone, I was reported twice for bullshit reasons, and then banned after the second one. one admin talked to me after second incident and nothing more happend, then I was banned. Thanks.