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  1. I would suggest Project M instead of SSB4. Reasons: Can run on PC and Wii (maybe even Wii U) Also supports online More skill-based (more technical moves that can be done) More fluid (less input delay)*** More technical (i.e. wavedashing, L-cancelling, etc) Harder to be good at (gap between professional players and new players is lessened in SSB4) More tournament-based (characters are less OP on average, save for Fox, Falco, and Ike) No OP custom characters (cannot make characters as good as you want them to be) Sheik's down-air doesn't fling you off the edge like an aerial Falcon Kick (i cri evrtim) Aside from those, SSB4 has 8-player smash, better graphics, and more maps. Also, PM runs off of an SD card, in conjunction with SSBB. *** This is in my experience with both games.
  2. Okay, since it appears as though some people here lack the little ball of knowledge in their skulls, I suppose someone has to break it to them in a similar, more caps-intensive way. IT IS CREEPY. I DON'T CARE IF THE INTENTION IS NOT WHAT PEOPLE TO BELIEVE IT TO BE. IT CREEPS PEOPLE OUT. HENCE WHY IT'S CREEPY. UNDERSTAND THAT NOT EVERYONE SEES EYE-TO-EYE ON THESE THINGS, IN MORE WAYS THAN ONE. People are creeped out by it, apparently. The origin doesn't matter when people aren't going to know anyways. If it is legitimately disturbing to people, remove the damn sign. No. One. Cares. Here's a step-by-step process of removing the sign and the outcome: Person with Perms has joined the game. Person with Perms has deleted a sign. <player> Oh look there's a hot tub under spawn, how neat!" Easy as fucking cake.
  3. I think she's snorting flour going up to an egg.