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  1. Many of us have played Capture The Flag before, but plenty also have limited experience. I've opened up this discussion so some of the more experienced players can discuss how to be an effective participant in a CTF, and so new players can ask questions. To start I suggest discussing your perspectives on what the various roles and tasks are at the beginning of an event. Perhaps also discuss the importance of King of The Hill (KOTH) and other mini-games.
  2. JohnAdams had been planning to post the details of this event, so I’ve used most of her post to announce this event. We had taken our time since the last attempt to ensure that we were ready this time which includes a new map and plugins, which is also why we have held back on giving a date until now. ~~~ That's right folks, we're (finally) doing another Capture The Flag event! OK, maybe not news at this point as we’ve all been waiting for a long time for it to actually happen. There’s been a bit of hype about it as we’ve waited and hopefully it lives up to expectations! For years now, we all have worked and played hard to make these servers awesome, but the fight continues - we need to yet again to play Minecraft until our hands feel as if they’re about to fall off, and of course it’s for the fun, the friends, the hours of entertainment, and the community nerd.nu has brought to all of us! The event is also a fundraiser - the servers need your help to keep running for the next 12 months and beyond. So, time to roll up your sleeves, laugh in the face of fatigue, and play Minecraft for all you’re worth! (And donate if you’d like, details will be in server announcements.) Date/Time: [starting Saturday September 21st @ 3:00am BST (Convert this to my time zone!) for 48 hours. Details: None! Just kidding - it’s CTF like in the past, but with a new map, new bases, and new natural obstacles. We took into account the ton of feedback we’ve gotten from the last event and have incorporated what we could, coupled with several twists of our own! Keep your eyes to the subreddit for possible teasers ;) All funds raised during this event will be used to fund future hosting and hardware purchases for the MCPublic/nerd.nu servers. It’s going to be be big! It’s going to be great! Don't miss it. Tell your friends. Tell your plants.
  3. Which base would you most like to defend against a horde of Zombies in an Event? This contest is to determine the best base for a potential event where the objective is to survive the attacks of hordes of zombies, as well as opponent survivors Explore each base using the /home comment in parenthesis on c.nerd.nu and vote up above! Hospital by MasterCommaThe (type in-game /home MasterCommaThe 1) with assistance from dobreira, achamilton, and hailsaban: The city of Liboris by cpriper (type in-game /home MasterCommaThe 2) with assistance from admanta, difficult1, geekchris, hailsaban, kwarriormc, sfortun, xxcookiequakexx, and ylox: Ghosthouse by teddylover (type in-game /home MasterCommaThe 3) with assistance from diamond_lover123: Western Town by Dobreira (type in-game /home MasterCommaThe 4) with assistance from admanta, andrew4210, difficult1, GMMan_BZFlag, kennya, nolanater5711, and shanty_sniper:
  4. For anyone who's not aware, I'm planning on releasing a scavenger hunt on the Creative server within the next couple of days. I was discussing with another staff member the prizes that would be awarded to the first three or so players to complete the scavenger hunt, and the idea of perks during the CTF event came up. For example, the first person to finish the scavenger hunt might be given a short team buff that the player could invoke once during the event. Another suggestion that was brought up was to give an enchanted item to each of the first three finishers at the beginning of the event. These perks would be nothing game-changing, but I think they would provide an incentive for players to want to attempt the scavenger hunt. I'd like to get the scavenger hunt up pretty soon, so I'd appreciate any feedback I can get on whether this idea is feasible.
  5. This is a cross-post from the subreddit. Check there for updates. The Creative server will be holding a scavenger hunt beginning Tuesday, September 3rd (with prizes)! Everyone is welcome to join. If you're interested, read on. Details and Rules The first clue will be released in this post on the subreddit at 6:00 PM EST on Tuesday, September 3rd. Don't attempt to begin before then. All clues will be found on the Creative server. This is not a cross-server scavenger hunt. This event is intended to be challenging. Be observant and don't forget to use the cartograph to your advantage. (Even in its currently broken state, it will still be useful.) If it looks like you're taking the last of an item from a chest, don't worry -- chances are, the chest gets automatically refilled. Be courteous to your fellow scavengers. Don't attempt to sabotage any parts of the scavenger hunt - that's not cool. You're allowed to work in groups if you want, but don't spoil the fun for others! There are people who would like to complete the scavenger hunt legitimately, without any spoilers. As a corollary, it's recommended that you're in /tpmode ask or /tpmode deny while hunting so that you don't receive any unwanted guests. Make sure to record the numbers on the signs at each location. (The signs that you'll need to take note of all look like this.) As long as you're observant, you won't miss any. The first three players to complete the scavenger hunt will receive a perk during the upcoming CTF event. Instructions for indicating completion are posted at the end. Lastly, I'd like to thank buzzinbee, GuyJones, joshuaherman, MasterCommaThe, Morkrash, and ROCKONN for helping to organize the scavenger hunt. I couldn't have pulled this off without them. Happy hunting!
  6. I've rewritten the CutePVP plugin more or less completely and I need staff to volunteer to check it out. I've installed it on [redacted], white listed and with most of the usual suspects on the list. But let me know if you need to be added. I've set up a condensed map for testing with two team bases quite close together. In front of each team base is a flags area with two flags per team. There are also two team buffs - beacons. A team member can capture those for his team by clicking on them and they deliver potion effects to the whole team. The basics of the game are as follows: You're assigned to a team: red or blue. Red Team players wear red wool on their head, Blue Team players wear blue wool. Your name appears in the team colour in chat. When you walk on wool of your team's colour, it gives you a configurable buff (resistance). When you walk on wool of the enemy team's colour it gives you a configurable harmful potion effect (wither). You spawn inside your team base. Only team members can build in the team base region (red_base or blue_base, with configurable support for multiple regions in fact). These are WorldGuard regions with the build allow flag set. The CutePVP plugin prevents enemy team members from editing in the region or hurting you in your own base. The flags are protected in WorldGuard regions that prevent all players from either team from editing. We also have the LWC plugin installed and players can lock their own chests. You steal an enemy flag by clicking on it. This is recorded as a "steal" in your own personal score and the team score. If you are killed, log out, or type /drop, the flag is dropped on the ground. If you click on a dropped enemy flag, you pick it up again. If you click on your own dropped flag, you return it back to its home position and this is counted as a "return" in your personal and team's scores. You capture the flag (score) by taking it back to your flag area and clicking on one of those flags. This is counted as a "capture" in your personal and team scores. Your enemy(s) can prevent you from capturing by stealing all (both) your flags. You can see your score and that of the teams with /score. Your score will also show you kills of enemy players. You cannot harm your team mates. When you chat, it goes to your team members only. To send global chats, use /g. Staff members: admins and mods in ModMode, will see team-only chats by both teams, as well as global chats. You can list all team members with /teams. You can get the coordinates of the nearest flag stolen from your team with /flag. Compasses also point to the same location. A dropped flag is automatically returned home after 5 minutes. If a dropped flag is moved in any way except by being picked up by a player (e.g. using a piston), that is detected and the flag is automatically returned home. Team buffs are captured by clicking on the respective beacon and last for about 30 minutes. They can be stolen by an enemy team clicking on the beacon before that. Times, potion effects, number of teams and their names, colours and team protection options are all configurable. In addition to potion buffs/debuffs from the the team-coloured wools, this version of CutePVP supports "power blocks" which are blocks that confer configurable potion effects when walked on. We'd like to keep the exact details of these a secret from players at this stage so that we have the option of them discovering the effects for themselves. But in short, for you to test, the blocks and effects are: diamond block - 10s of jump boost 10 - for scaling the walls of enemy bases ;) gold block - 10s of regeneration 1 emerald block - 10s of confusion 3 iron block - 10s of damage resistance 1 - same as the wool - maybe change ice - 10s of speed 2 quartz block - 10s of invisibility glowstone - 10s of fire resistance coal block - 5s of blindness orange stained clay - 10s of health boost 2 (4 extra hearts max health) yellow stained clay - 10s of poison 4 purple stained clay - 10s of night vision - may need to be longer - sort of flashes as if the potion is wearing off the whole time black stained clay - 10s of weakness 2 The idea is that players can exercise their creativity to build base defences with these blocks to their advantage and their opponents disadvantage. The above blocks apply their effects equally to both teams. I've been given a suggestion to track which team placed the blocks and always make them work to the best advantage of whoever placed them, rather than either way. I'll look into it, but if it is in any way complex to implement I probably won't have time to do it. The above list should suggest a range of things that you need to test. At this stage, I expect there to be some minor difficulties with ModMode and or staff type commands. The biggest issue I still have in this area is exemption from team assignment, which mainly applies to ops (I've removed the admin exemption for now), so for this reason I have cleared the ops list on that server. The other work that remains to be done is: Automatically assigning IP alts to the same team. Adding the option for coloured leather kits and other items when spawning. Fixing the way the plugin's reload command handles team membership (just don't play with it). I'm also keen to experiment with using the Citadel plugin (http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/citadel/) for protections, subject to time constraints. The way that would work is that I would disable WorldGuard protection of bases, and possibly LWC too. Players would then use Citadel to reinforce their builds (base spawn area and fortifications outside the flags area where all edits are denied by WorldGuard). Citadel allows players to reinforce blocks with one smooth stone, iron or diamond per block or container (chest). The value of the reinforcement material determines how many times someone must break the block before it finally actually breaks. Diamond reinforced obsidian takes many hours to break under this scheme.
  7. Event Base Contest! There's been a good amount of interest in a future Zombie Survival Event, with the possibilities of players becoming mobs and different effects based on day and night cycles. While the event isn't set in stone yet, I think the theme would make a fantastic month-long building contest, and the possibility that the best designs may be used in future events will motivate you! So here is the challenge, build us a base that would be ideal as the starting defensive location of a Zombie Survival Event. Rules: It must include 2 separated areas (labled with a sign): Spawn point (e.g. Helipad) & HQ location (i.e. if this area is overrun the game ends) The build must be built by you, or your team (you cannot enter someone else's build into the contest). The build must fit within a 100x100x100 cube. The build must be built during the duration of the contest (no reusing past builds). Once you've completed your build, make a post here with the coordinates and a pretty picture or two to be considered. Multiple entries are allowed. Don't be afraid to be detailed and (dam)age your buildings. Expect that during an event players will have fun fixing and reinforcing the structure. You can make this come from any timeline; past, present, or future. I expect we'll see a number of hospitals, churches (with graveyards!), and military installations. On July 28, after 4pm, the contest will close and I will consider the entries, and post a poll of the top 5, on which the community will vote for which is the best!
  8. With Survival's Revision 22 launching this weekend, the chaos events running on s.nerd.nu will understandably be coming to an end. The current round hosting PvE's Revision 10 map will be the last, and around a couple of hours after this post goes up, we'll be setting up the appropriate item signs for the free-for-all TNT mess that usually accompanies the end of each round. We hope that everyone has enjoyed the chaos events so far, and that this was an interesting change of pace from how we usually handle the time inbetween old and new revisions. If you haven't already had the chance to experience some of the changes we're bringing in with the launch of Revision 22 (particularly Enchantism), now is a good time to test them out without concern of how it will affect your regular gameplay. Keep up-to-date with any changes on the subreddit and forums, as well as in-game using the command /alert list - which will show all of the messages in the [server] broadcast rotation. I'll be making another post on the topic of Revision 22 in particular later today, just to round some things up and reiterate a few points ahead of tomorrow's launch, so keep an eye out for that when it gets put up. This thread has been cross-posted from the subreddit here, and I will be doing the same with the post for Revision 22. As always, I hope everyone is having an enjoyable end to the week! Signalling the end of an era - chaos puppies, over and out. Previous threads for the Chaos Events: Revision 21 End of Revision Chaos - Round 2 of Chaos - Round 3 - Round 4 - Round 5 - Round 6 - Round 7 (Current)
  9. Today I joined S and was at spawn, as I was trying to leave I saw that all 4 sides of the spawn were completely covered in lava. I can't leave spawn, I made a /modreq but don't think that anyone is going to see it because it is chaos, and I haven't seen any moderators on yet.
  10. We've had a lot of fun with Capture the Flag in the past and I just wanted to poll the community for possible ideas for events in the future, and then perhaps Admins can use this post as an archive of what events would be most popular for future use. I'll start it off by proposing a Team Zombie Survival Map. Each night and increasing number of zombies will spawn and attack. During the day the teams will build up their defenses and sabotage one another. The goal is to be the team with the largest score increased by kills and decreased by deaths. PVP would be enabled against other teams. Stretch goals: -One team would act as intelligent mobs, including possible suicidal creeper attacks. Upvote or Downvote these ideas!
  11. Request: Create/modify existing plugins to host a Zombie Survival Event. Purpose: My goal with this event, as a C moderator, is to provide an avenue in which C players can feel more involved with our events. C players would get the most out of building structures needed for the event, and providing them with the Zombie apocalypse as a backdrop will inspire them more than simply asking them to "build a base". This focus will also hopefully raise the quality of builds. Description/Rules: The most basic description of this event is it will be a multi-team (2+) CTF, where dying players respawn as various mobs until the following (in-game) day to wreak havoc through various abilities. NPC mobs will also be present as normal. Dieing players will respawn at the same location as a mob. Players dieing as mobs will respawn at a ("graveyard") mob spawn away from the CTF bases. At the very least, players will respawn as zombies and creepers (with destructive explosions so no base is perfectly safe), and we will try to have other mobs as programming and play balancing allow. Every part of a base will be editable by both teams, except the immediate flag area ("laboratory"). Water and Lava will not be placeable by players for that reason. Plot: Each team will spawn at their base and be told that they need to gather enough research material to study the Z-Virus and end the zombie apocalypse. They will also be told that the other bases are research facilities where the virus was intentionally created and distributed, and so they are unwilling to share this information peaceably. In this case, "research material" is the same as a flag and will be kept in each team's "laboratory" which the teams will defend and return their research materials to. Needs: A working CTF plugin. A working Mobdisguise plugin. (Start by getting zombies to work, and expand from there.) A plugin to cause the Mobdisguise to trigger on player death and carry through to the next morning. Map Starting Bases There are a lot of other really cool details, improvements, and variations I think we can do with this, and if this is possible, I will create a planning thread where those can be discussed. For right now this is what I think we need at a minimum, and would like your input below to answer several things: What needs to be changed from this plan to make it possible/functional? Are Admins willing to consider hosting this type of event? If so, when can/should we do it?
  12. Halp! I was away, camping for a few days, so obviously I had no internet. Of course, I know about the upcoming revs. I got back last night, and got on minecraft this morning. When I see that all the .nerd servers are down.. I talked briefly to N00ble_6 about it, and according to her, everyone knows about the servers being down for 24 hours, plus some other stuff.. I need a full catch up. Please - reply with your info, I'm hopelessly lost..
  13. Please post your ideas here on how Capture The Flag (CTF) could be improved.I'll start off with a relatively simple idea, once it is all over I would love to see a video time lapse of the bases as they develop and withstand assault.
  14. Whenever we have a CTF, the most popular question is...well: "Are the servers up yet?"... But aside from that, the next most popular question is, for various reasons, "When is the next CTF?" I understand we don't want burn-out on events since they're a revenue generator, but I personally think 6 months is too long between events. Note: They don't all have to be CTF. <Glances over at 3 separate forum posts about some form of Zombie Survival.> So I'd like to ask the Admins, and Techs to put their heads together, look at your calendars and declare at least a month, within the next 6, when we'll have the next event so we have something to tell our players at the end of CTF this weekend. We don't have to announce the exact day, or what the event will be, this is hype and it thrives on ambiguous details. Why is this important to do now? CTF is our largest advertising opportunity to reach a huge number of players from all different servers simultaneously and really make them excited about their community. I volunteer (Oh hell, what am I getting myself into.) to preside over a month long contest on C to build the starting base and LZ of a Zombie Survival event if the Tech's think they can pull that off as their next event. Ideally this contest will kick off following CTF, and if you will, announced at the end of CTF. Players will build anywhere on C, and mail me the coords of their build, built to certain specifications (i.e. less than 150x150x150 cube), I will select the top 5 builds (ensuring they meet the specifications that will work for the event) and put them up for a community poll as to which is best. The poll will close a week later. Giving the community the final decision I think will give our players a much stronger feeling of involvement in their events. There will still be plenty of room for surprises and secrets. I'd like you guys (Tech's and Admin's) to give me a Go/Delay decision on this potential contest by Thursday at 4pm EST. I really do think we can go for this and there is enough community interest in some form of Zombie/Mob Survival to be worthwhile. This idea makes CTF not just one big thing for our community, but several. S and P, can you offer some similar ideas to announce at the end of CTF? Perhaps the next arena tournament or pig races or whatever it is you do with blocks?
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