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Expanding the community

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It's been brought up before, and as I have noticed, that is what many minecraft communities are doing now-a-days. I'm all for other games, but there aren't many games that just meet the needs of our OCD like minecraft. I'd say Gmod, but that game also kinda finished its run as a really popular multiplayer game. 


We'd need to find some games that suit the players of all 3 servers. 

Wasn't aware GMod died for a second time. Build/war/roleplay/fuck-around servers were pretty fun 3 years ago when I was active on that game. PvP games such as TTT was pretty good too. Wonder what happened.

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Not in the overall sense, but more that we stopped playing it.


Would you like to restart it, to expand the community? If it's at a time friendly to my timezone I'll try to come.

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