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Can we make /home's and /modreq's record heading too?


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In the meantime you can also use LogBlock to your advantage.  For example, say you need to flow some water for someone.  You show up and you're not sure what water exactly.  So make sure your Watson display is on and query LogBlock for their water edits in the last day:

/lb time 1d area 20 player Notch block water coords

And you'll be able to see all the water.  Also, say you have to flow all the water in a pond and you're not sure whether you've actually replaced every single one:

/w clear
/lb time 15m area 20 player aMasterCommaThef block water coords

If you can't find grief at a ModReq location, try:

/lb area 20 time 3d sum p

(sum p is a short way of saying "sum players" in LogBlock)


And then use Watson to highlight some edits by a specific player:

/lb area 20 time 3d player NinjaH4x0r007 coords
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