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Blockbuster's NERDPack Technic Modpack


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Yes, in the shaders (Options / video settings / shaders) change it from "off" to "internal"

Weazol. Thank you. Ohgawd thank you. I turned off whatever that mod was from because it ended up being too hard to differentiate my blocks while in my inventory. <3

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How do i get my equipped item icons to go away? This is very irritating




Hey, I've been talking about this within this comment tree.


"It's possible to move groups of these pieces of data around so much that they no longer appear on your screen too. Heading into the main menu when logged in, mod options, selecting InGame Info XML, config and finally alignment will let you play around with the location of the data to be somewhere else on or off your screen."


Edit: Try changing the 'Bottom Right' values when in the instructed menu from above to something like 2000 2000 as it'll change this into this.

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