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SAdmins: Should all questions be asked via the forums?



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  1. 1. SAdmins: Should all questions be asked via the forums?

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Follow up to in-game.




To answer your question, no. Not all questions need to be asked here, however specific questions that could have multiple scenarios and take a bit longer to respond are better here so everyone can see the questions being asked (offline or online at the time of the player asking). For example, Tornadohorse's question in game was "Why can't players sell ores that are being sold by the server". The problem with this is that players can sell items for less than the server, creating an unfair advantage for strictly the buyer and seller at the time. Say a player is selling 4 stacks of diamonds at 40 coins, and the server sells diamonds for 50. A new player who hasn't done anything yet can get on, vote to get coins, kill a few mobs and get the 40 coins quickly. He can then buy a diamond from the player, and sell it back to the server for a 10 coin profit. The seller would end up with 10,240 coins, while the buyer (a player who hasn't began to be productive on the server yet) 12,800 coins. This creates a system where players can get rich off simply sitting at the market (which is popular in other games such as Runecraft's Grand Exchange). We didn't want this to be the case, and wanted to encourage players to actually play the game and not just play the market. 


As you can see, I wanted to elaborate on just "Players can sell low and sell back to the server" which is why it is better posted here. I probably could have typed that in game sure, but that would mean stopping what I was doing (which was running down the roads looking for PvP) and I would rather not put my self at risk of being attacked mid sentence. 

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