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  1. Can admins delete whole accounts? Please delete mine. I'm even more keen after seeing the cringier aspects of some of those discussions, although they are also quite funny. I wouldn't be surprised if staff acted on that urge already with individual comments, or even if that involved an admin acting for them. If there's no function for account removal, you should really think seriously about why not, It's a standard feature across social media nowadays. It's particularly important with forums like this one that people will have started to use in their early to mid teens.
  2. Great timing! I just logged in to ask something similar. If there's a function to delete user comments or clear an account with a forum ban I'd like to know about it. I'm currently clearing out old social media accounts. So can a forum admin please completely obliterate me? Going to follow Four's example and indulge in some S drama nostalgia in the meantime.
  3. This thread is also for "ideas and suggestions", if my opinions aren't suitable don't quote some and delete others to make it look like you're winning an argument. Fundraising is a sensitive issue because people thought their donations would keep survival going for the rest of the year, but instead some of that money is being redirected towards projects conceived in private and survival is closing. Have the admin team got any celebrations planned for the end of the rev? I was thinking one thing that would be pretty cool in the last few weeks of it would be too put landmark buildings from past S revs into the wilderness and then people can raid or fight over the loot. Alternatively if focusing on the present, how is survival making use of community funds to which it is entitled to do new things and maximise the player count? I lost track of the advertising situation, but there should be paid survival specific ads that maybe also plug whatever steam group is official atm. Any more experimental changes or plugins in the pipeline (are there any?) should get tested sooner rather than later in this rev, even if they can't save S, they could yield something beneficial for the other servers imo.
  4. Based on the last 3 movies I saw: Mad Max Fury Road is by far the best Mad Max film and easily one of the best action films of the decade. Dredd has some great slow motion scenes, but arguably Stallone's monstrosity captured the atmosphere of the comics better and his film didn't nick half of it's plot from a truly excellent Malaysian martial arts/cop/survival film called The Raid. Godfather 1 and 2 are at their best when you watch them end on end taking regular episodic breaks like you are binging a series on Netflix (so you could easily split the viewing over two weekends). They function much better as sort of tv show than Breaking Bad does.
  5. How about a 50/50 split between the people running the event's wallet and the server's for getting steam gift cards? Maybe set up a pool for games that people don't want in their inventory that they'd be willing to gift, but that would be hellish to manage. If steam is too controversial look what meaningful semi-permanent rewards can be given to people ingame. Gift cards aren't an outrageous idea, I've seen plenty of steam groups smaller than mcpublic's offering the occasional raffle for them.
  6. I don't play counter strike, but it does seem to lack some advantages of games which beat it in the public poll. TF2 for instance is more accessible and varied with a huge global fanbase (also a glaring shortage of decent public servers). Indie games like Insurgency should also be strong contenders because they encourage small community based servers, like early minecraft did for nerd. On one hand this is good news, if long overdue, and if admins pursuing personal preference is the price we have to pay for them being active and engaged then fine. If it works then we'll move on to other games in the very near future right? The problem is that this is in no way certain and it's also unclear why the community's time and money should go towards a server that only a small clique is interested in, will it be funded from the same donation pool as the rest of nerd and will the population be large enough to justify the cost? After cash the most important thing for the survival of a public donation funded server network is consensus, Barlimore and SwitchViewz are working to build some of it in this thread (and elsewhere gg guys), but past drama and dodgy moderation have already eroded it, along with the active playerbase, the result is that fewer and smaller groups of people play together, mumble is empty or silent and we can't sustain a PVP server (despite the popularity of that format). I hope this works out, but increasingly it feels the institution of nerd.nu is going the same way as survival.
  7. Don't worry it's been dying for like two years now, it might well stagger on for a couple more revs. Every server and its ensuing community has a time and place. A lot of what made S great is still present on the active parts of nerd.nu, some of its dynamics have been preserved and developed on other minecraft networks and there are loads more games with a similar feel. It isn't necessarily sad that S is basically dead when it was fun was for so long, what is sad is the undignified and painfully slow way it has declined, as well as the time a lot have us have wasted repeatedly pointing this out.
  8. Just picked this up in the sale and I'd like to do a non-pub run through the co-op campaign this weekend, accepting any offers of assistance.
  9. First with capital letters and full stops.
  10. No performance enhancing drugs cdmrtebeok/s It's nice to see some interest in the idea. I'll float a poll later on with timezones and specific dates and see if it generates more of the response needed to get this off the ground, but I think I'm going to need staff assistance to get it to work if in fact it can. Maybe it could be an official event?
  11. How small will the map be? Will increasing the grind through nerfing beds, pearls, the nether and XP have an improved payoff for investing more time? Expand on how this form of the economy plus minor tweaks like notice boards and buffer zones will incentivise PVP or confront the elephant in the room which is ironically enough our vanishingly tiny playerbase. It's good to get an update, but these sound more like the kind of things I'd want to see on a PVE rev than a survival one.
  12. I've always wanted to host a pub quiz, but pubs IRL smell like old people and the beer mostly tastes like earwax. The atmosphere is what's great and it can be replicated by gathering enough rowdy people in one place, a place like our currently empty mumble and event server. The next big problem is that a formal pub quiz is a naff spectator sport, while one without strict rules is a noisy uncompetitive mess, my solution is to mix in quiz show elements which make for more interesting and audience inclusive presentation. Credit to Barlimore for prompting this post with his suggestion in the events thread. First off you need a format. I'm thinking two teams per match and 2 matches of 20 questions every Friday or Saturday night. 5-10 questions are open response, first team to buzz in gets 15 seconds to give their first and final answer, correct answers open up 1-2 bonus multiple choice questions on which there isn't a strict time limit and there's a one time option to go 50-50, ask a friend in the channel or ask the audience as a whole to vote. Teams with the lowest scores get knocked out each round as we move from quarters to semis to finals, meaning the quiz would run for around a month probably. Then you need a venue and we should start by having a competition to build one, I think builds in the style of British panel shows like QI and University Challenge would be best, but anything that accommodates two teams, audience seating and the people running the event would work fine. I suggest the event server to host this because it would give it a special touch and not cause any of the main server chats to get spammed. Next you need the following people to be interested and then commit to turning up: Host (question asker and maker, I'll do this if my shitty old mic allows, but it would be a good idea to have more than one person ready to do it) Score keeper Teams of 4 or less people An audience This needs a minimum of 3-4 teams of 2-4 people and ideally some spectators to make it viable. There's the logistics about when we host it and who wants to come, but I'll see if enough people are interested to start with in the hope that the actual thing can attract 20 or so people into mumble and in the same game area at one time. Lastly good prizes. Bragging rights and special flairs are of courser priceless, but even better would be substantial ingame rewards, like money for the server shops, access to high value loot or maybe even something steam related. Oh yeah question are pretty important too, I'm good with most things except sport, but if there are particular topics people want to include suggest away, also what balance should be struck between silly questions and serious-ish ones and whether people are interested in picture questions and other more game showy things.
  13. Just use the glasses, no text needed.
  14. Don't split the channels that'll just diffuse and confuse viewers. We're lucky if someone stumbles across one channel and we have to give the best impression of the rate and variety of content production on it.
  15. t-shirts/other random merc might be the best fundraising idea I've heard on here. We defo need to get a group stream going, perhaps biweekly on a Sat-Sun, get a load of people in a mumble channel playing things and talking crap, we could generate some interesting content with a varying cast of regulars through the day, then chop the best stuff up into a 5-10 min vid and put it on the tube. A source of free advertising and possibly revenues.
  16. Do the ctf events generate about the same amount of funds each year or is there an upward or downward trend?
  17. Almost an instrumental, it's also really slow to drop, but I can't stop listening to it.
  18. If the issue is workload we need to appoint more staff or do more to take on board technical contributions from non-staff. The whole point of admin roles is for there to be people who are willing and able to take the executive choices about how to bring a project together and how to complete it. I don't know if it's workload, lack of compelling ideas or lack of intent, but there should be no reason that a community of our size and background can't be ambitious.
  19. I think I agree that more structure is needed, but not at the expense of adding too many restrictions to the sandbox than are currently present, the gameplay needs to be as player generated as possible. MC has always lacked a backbone, you have to set your own goals and multiplayer is at it's best when this "roleplay" combines into larger more social conflict or co-operation. The people and the setup on S used to spontaneously generate these moments, but like most things returns are diminishing and I don't recognize the direction of the server or the type of player I'll find on there (on the rare occasion there's more than 5 people on). Clearly thinking of a new server is about replacing S, hopefully also preserving some of its core focus on smart building, ruthless freedom and heart pounding PVP, all of which are more important than holding onto the name or legacy of a dead thing. I think we can do this with vanilla or very lightly moded MC, in a world of custom servers it's refreshingly accessible and smooth running. We need to set goals for building, fighting, intriguing and mining like those that naturally fall into place during the ctf event, but unlike ctf these goals need to be higher and harder to reach so they last a whole rev and maybe less time focused so people who only play for a few hours a week can still make a difference. My pitch on how do this is about manipulating the map and players access to it, then letting them decide which incentives they want to work towards and co-ordianting those incentives so that different choices enhance one another. I'll repost an idea I had about implementing this after last Summers civcraft rev: "Split the map into three regions. The biggest one is S as it exists now, the other two will have a city built on them and at the end of the rev these cities destroy each other. Note this MS paint masterpiece, http://imgur.com/Aq5W681 Islands A and B essentially have P’s rule set (but rather than PVP or grief resulting in a ban, the offender is pearled), don't freak out they're pretty small. These areas are for the more social play styles, for people who want to build something cool and use it in PVP when it’s done. We’ll need to nominate a player or a small group of players to oversee the building of a city on each island and the construction of defences. People will need to work together to strengthen their city or set out to explore the wastes of islands C. Island C is for PVP. Hiding, raiding looting ect. It has ore plumps and nether portals that A-B do not. As someone who plays mostly on this island it’s the same deal as last rev except maybe one of the cities wants my resources or pvp skills. Maybe I feel like allying with a city or maybe not. Perhaps the players on Islands C decide to wipe out both cities. The islands would be linked together with warps. Warps from a skybox spawn to A, B or C and warps between A/C and B/C (squares and circles in da pic). Say the rev lasts for 2 months. The first 6 weeks would be set-up after which the current S rev's rules go global. Which city survives the next two weeks? The one with the biggest defences or the best traps? The sneakiest invasion plans? The one that bribed the most pvp’ers? This is mish mash of what’s made S, P and the CTF events good. It could well be sucky and unworkable. At the very least it’s something different." -how are you even meant to quote yourself?
  20. I was thinking of hosting some custom tf2, with friendly fire enabled, no random crits and full vanilla map rotation. I might need a hand setting it up, the last time I ran a server it was with Hamachi, but idk if that still works or if my current internet setup is good enough.
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