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[PMC] Fundraiser #2 - Development

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Went on last night for some finalizing work on the Othello:

  • Tested door system and enlisted Silver's help in resolving a no-fly-zone-related piston issue; all doors are now working as intended.
  • Repopulated mobs that had disappeared over time from the bio-labs.
  • Replanted a couple of crops that were trampled in hydroponics before trampling was disabled.
  • Added some cargo containers and pallets to the main cargo hold so it wouldn't be so strangely empty.
  • Replaced orange wool in reactor room ceiling with lava now that it doesn't flow.
  • Expanded floating glass panes in reactor room mini-parkour so that it is once again feasible.
  • Replaced blue wool in smugglers' shuttle with orange to better match its colour scheme.


I think that about covers it. At long last, I can safely describe the damn thing as "finished".


There are still a lot of empty chests in the ship that we could seed some loot into between now and the event, if we feel like it. And I'll probably pop in to do one final door system check shortly before the event goes live, and to make sure the doors are properly reset in preparation for the arrival of the first explorers to make their way through the ship.

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