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Creative: Spawn City Information for Moderators


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Creative Revision 29 will have a Spawn City, please follow this guide for adding players to permissions in Spawn City.


The types of plots are as follows:


- Suburb

- Downtown (skyscrapers)

- Shop


Players can find an unclaimed plot and type /modreq claim

- type /rg i (To find out the child region name you are standing in.)


Example: Suburb_15, Shop_5, Downtown_1


- type /rg addowner suburb_15 PLAYER




After you have added the player to the child region, update the sign on the plot to show:


- Plot number

- Player name

- Date added


Example of sign format:         Suburb Plot #15


                                                  August 22



/signtext 2 PLAYER  (to add player name to line 2)

/signtext 3 DATE      (to add date to line 3)



The sign in the middle of the plot can be deleted after! Just have the andesite block with sign when you are finished.



Please Do Not add players to the spawn city regions; SpawnCity_North and SpawnCity_South


If plots go unused or are left unfinished and there is a demand for plots, they be reclaimed after 1-2 weeks.



Thanks Everyone!!!


~The Cadmins

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I think this should be mentioned that it's probably not the best Idea to keep the middle "/modreq for. . ." signs after the plot is claimed. I'm starting to get modreq's for plots that are already claimed.

It's sort of expected that the player who claims the plot destroy the sign and start building.... but too often, someone will claim a plot, then leave it for a day or two and leave the sign up. I guess it all depends on how fast their req gets finished. We could start removing those "modreq for..." signs though, not a bad idea.

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